Long Tail Keywords – The Key to Growing Your Website

Long tail keywords are crucial for a number of reasons. First of all, they’re demanded by Google because they’ve long geared the search engine towards conversational searches. They want to attach their search results to what people are actually typing.

Short tail keywords aren’t dead, but long tail keywords are crucial for upping their SEO potential. So let’s talk about how you can grow your website with long tail phrases.

Competition for Keywords is High

The reality is that competition for keywords has never been higher. With only ten spots on Google, and with the way SEO works, costs have only got higher.

The average click cost today for Google AdWords is between $1 and $2. Those costs have gone up exponentially since five years ago. And it’s simply down to the change in competition.

Long Tail Keywords – Lower Volume, Less Competition

So why are long tail keywords so important?

We mentioned in the introduction one of the reasons why they’re so important in today’s SEO landscape. However, the fact is that these keywords also have less competition.

You may argue that there’s also a lower level of search volume. That’s true, but people who enter long search queries are more likely to be serious customers searching for something specific, what we call (and speak on at conferences) User Intent.

The conversion rate, therefore, is arguably higher if you optimize correctly.

Finding Keywords

There are books written on finding keywords. But the answer is to begin by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Most people can automatically come up with short tail keywords, but it takes some time to consider the longer alternatives.

You should also use tools like Google AdWords and KeywordKeg to help find your keywords.

Measure different keyword options for volume and difficulty. Anything over 30 on the difficulty scale will require a lot of work to hit.

You’ll usually find some openings that you can begin working on – that’s what we do for our SEO clients.

Create Content that Converts

You need content that converts, which means the days of stuffing articles with keywords are over. Yes, they remain important, but real content should be your priority. It’s also a priority Google has emphasized in the last few years.

Another reason to create content that converts is that pulling people in through your keywords is useless if you don’t convert the reader after they click on you.

So what sort of content converts?

It’s all about knowing your target audience. You need to have unique content backed up by facts and figures. Offer something they’re not going to find elsewhere.

Again, it’s all about research.

Spend the Time to Find the Truth

You need two things to really start turning your business around: knowledge of the right long tail keywords, and a knowledge of what your target audience wants from you.

Research both of these things before you write a single word. Too many businesses miss this step or rush the process, and they’re rewarded with reduced results.

Have you started looking into keywords and your target audience yet?

If you’d like our help with keyword research – get in touch.

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