Creative Digital


Who doesn’t love getting creative?! Here at DigiEnable we’ve always believed that learning should be fun and these courses are all about using creativity to learn digital skills. Whether it’s computer animation, game design or Digital Music Creation, there is a lot of fun to be had when you get your geek on.

Creative Art & Gaming using Digital

The power of play is a vital tool in our busy modern age, helping with positive mental health, reducing stress, and giving space and time for creative ideas to flow.
Join Liz Hardwick for this fun and interactive online session where you will learn how to use a range of free online resources, as a welcome introduction to making you own digital creative arts and games.
We will try out some top creative tools including a text to music converter, online graffiti wall, audio creation games and much more.
We will also look at how to start creating your own 8-bit mini game… without the need for coding skills!

Digital Soundart

Find out what the different types of Sound art are, what “digital storytelling” is, how to tell a story with just sounds, and produce your own creative Soundart with this session. We will cover different recording, editing and audio creating techniques including sound toys, soundscapes and digital audio manipulation.

Stop-Frame Animation

From simple storyboarding to the finished product, this session will have you planning and producing your very own animation sequences. We will explore physical stop frame animation, through to Claymation and bringing toys to life. You will leave with the knowledge of how to create a short creative video clip using simple to use software.

Welcome to Wikipedia

This session gives you the knowledge and skills to be able to write and edit pages on any topic you could imagine, on this collaborative online platform. This session will cover how to explore the vast portals of this open-source encyclopedia and learn how to write and edit pages, in a legal and formatted way. It’s suitable for those who’ve never used Wikipedia before, and those who have but now want to take the further step and become a contributor.

 Digital Imagery Using AI

Want to learn how to create bespoke one-off images in seconds using AI tools? Then this is the session for you! We will look at some of the latest free and low-cost AI tools to create imagery and test out a selection of fun and creative online resources.

Creative Hackathons

DigiEnable is proud to have run several creative hackathons in communities, including for Manchester City Council. This can include managing participants sending in their “content”, facilitating live sessions where participants “hack” the content to create new artworks, and wrap the project with a final portal to showcase the creations for participants, public and funders alike, such as in the previous case of Manchester Creative Hackathon a Google maps with pinned final creations relevant to the area the artwork is related to.