Digital Office

Tips and Apps for your Online Office

Are you constantly on the move, striving to maintain seamless business operations while keeping your clients and team satisfied? Join our experts at DigiEnable for an enlightening session on the Top Tips and Apps that will help you achieve just that. We’ll dive into the world of streamlining your pitches, quotes, and invoicing processes with digital tools, unlocking the potential of your “second brain” for enhanced productivity, and exploring free-to-use tools that can revolutionize your business communications, making them faster, more contemporary, and even enjoyable!

*Upon request, we can also include Office365 or OpenOffice specific tools, to cater to your specific needs.

Intro to Office365 (Microsoft 365)

With an increase in usage of Microsoft Teams by 40% during 2020 lockdowns, it is no surprise that more businesses have then gone onto utilise the wider package of Microsoft 365 for their businesses. Office 365 (now known as Microsoft 365) offers a hybrid online and offline solution for your business needs, enabling you to keep your business running digitally, with increased security, connectivity and shared storage for your teams.

Join us in this session where we will overview the programmes and features within Office 365, some top tips to increase your digital workflows, and share some of the latest Office 365 apps to help you run your business on the move, even easier.

Microsoft 365 Teams – Managing Workflows and Remote Team Communications

Want to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how it can help increase your team’s productivity and communications? This sessions will look at best practices, suggest workflows and help you get the most out of this under-utlised platform for businesses.

Beginners Guide to Excel365

Want to learn the basics of using the free and online version of Microsoft’s Spreadsheet programme Excel? Want to learn how to share and collaborate with others on Excel365 online?
Then this interactive hands-on session using Excel365 as part of the Microsoft365 free suite, is for you.
This session will cover Excel365’s top formatting options, some of the simple features and formulas available, and some of the simple charts and auto-fill options to get you started creating simple spreadsheets.

Next Steps in Excel365 (An Intermediate Session)

Already using Excel365 but want to learn more features and options to speed up your processes? Want to find out how to maximise the features with extendable add-ins to the spreadsheet programme?
Then this interactive hands-on session using Excel365 as part of the Microsoft365 free suite, is for you.
This session will cover Excel365’s next-step features and settings including conditional formatting, workbook and cell linking, data validation, and more advanced features and formulas – great for those who are already confident with Excel but want to learn more.

Using Technology to Organise and Optmise your Remote Working Team

Managing your team via online and want to help boost everyone’s productivity? In the session we will look at what tools are out there, and what you might be currently using, how you can maintain the informal and formal ways of communication and help bring cohesion to a remote working team that might not meet that often in person.

Basic Zoom Call and Presentation Training for Online

Learn the basics of the online video conferencing platform, increase your confidence when attending and hosting meetings, and learn some top tips to make your presentations and conversations flow with ease.

Using Zoom to Keep Your Business Alive

By the end of March 2020 Zoom had reached 65 million downloads in Europe alone! Suddenly the video conferencing programme that was designed as an enterprise business solution, is now a platform being used by pretty much everyone for keeping in touch with family and friends, as well as clients and colleagues. But, do you understand its full potential, and more importantly how to ensure a smooth and professional experience for those looking to utilise your services?

In this online and interactive seminar to learn top tips for using Zoom, and put to bed some of those pesky security fears you may have come across in the news. It’s entirely possible that you could be running your client meetings, sales presentations and more online via Zoom, in a stress-free and (dare we say) even enjoyable way!

Zoom for Trainers Training (Train the Trainer on Zoom)

If you’re an existing trainer or speaker, and you’ve taught yourself the basics of Zoom (or you’ve so far only been a participant in Zoom calls), then this is the training session for you. Learn what features and functions you can use in Zoom to help keep that engagement and range of activities in your training sessions. Get to grips with Zoom’s advanced settings and options (and what’s switched off by default you’ll need to switch on) and get hands-on learning with live demos and practice time, bespoke to your needs.

How to Create Great Presentations for Zoom or MS Teams

Even sat through “death-by-powerpoint” or a boring Zoom or MS Teams call and thought “there must be a more engaging way to do this?” then this session is for you!

Join us in this session where we will look at how to create engaging and accessible slides, check out different slide hosting options, review some of the digital tools available to harness the power of ‘participant engagement’, and look at some of the features inside Zoom and MS Teams platforms themselves that can give your meetings and presentations the COOL factor.

Adding “Training” To Your Skillset (An Introduction)

Without exception, every professional within every sector will at times have the need to train others. However, we don’t always consider it to be “training” in the traditional sense. Whether it be through Coaching, Mentoring, Skill-sharing or Leadership, the skills required to be an effective trainer are becoming increasingly transferable in the modern workplace.

In this session you will learn the differences between the different styles of learner engagement and support, understand basic learning styles and how to craft presentations that engage all learners at different levels.

We will also run micro training sessions for you to test out your new skills, so please join this session ready to engage with cameras and microphones enabled.

How to manage Asynchronous meetings with Digital

Want to reduce the number of meetings you have with your clients or teams? Want to avoid having “a meeting to plan a meeting”? Feel like there’s a more streamlined way to share information than another meeting?

The come join Digital Productivity expert Liz Hardwick from DigiEnable, to learn more about how to make a meeting asynchronous, enabling people to engage with the work at a time that suits them, reduce the number of hours of video conferencing or in-person meetings you have each year, and learn some cool tools to prompt engagement, conversations and decision making that can save you hours!

Digital Skills for Self-Coaching within Teams

Want to offer help and advice to others, but not sure where to start? Want to learn some simple digital tools to help support yourself and others achieve your professional and personal goals?

Then come join Digital Productivity expert Liz Hardwick from DigiEnable, for engaging learning with activities, breakout rooms, and top digital tools to better streamline and facilitate co-coaching and self-coaching opportunities.