Digital Training Programme for C-Suite & Business Leaders

Here’s details about our Digital Training Programme, especially for C-Suite people (CEO, COO, CFO etc.) and Business Leaders and/or Owners.

The series of sessions, while structured, are also versatile and suitable to businesses, organisations and charities. The sessions have been crafted from our most popular workshops which have received extremely positive feedback across numerous sectors.

We launched this to our existing clients email list first and have had a fabulous response already, and now we are opening it up to you.

Here’s the low-down on the sessions…

Session 1 – Working Smarter not Harder

Firstly we focus on making sure your time is spent wisely and distractions are reduced to increase performance, with a focus on Time Management, Productivity and Workflows.

Session 2 – Boosting your Brand Visibility

Setting up (or refreshing your current) Marketing Strategy will help you focus on building your brand recognition and learn what others are saying about you and what you do.

Session 3 – Digital Skills Refresher

Feel like you could be more up-to-date on the latest platforms, tools and techniques in Digital? This bespoke session is based around you and/or your team’s learning needs and work targets.

Session 4 – Becoming a Visible Thought Leader

Using online platforms and topical issues, learn how to build your reputation as the go-to thought leader for your sector.

Session 5 – Increasing Your Leads Online

Using techniques such as SEO and Social Media (including dark social), you’ll learn how to be more strategic with your marketing time – for both your brand and your personal branding as a leader in your sector.

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Want an overview session for your team to gauge buy-in? Then book this one-off 2 hour session as a taster…

Digital Skills for Leaders Overview

In this overview session, we look at what digital skills are most beneficial for leaders, harnessing the power of digital to manage, converse and organise projects, as well as how to become a well-known and visible thought leader.

Join Liz Hardwick from DigiEnable, for this taster of a 5 part series, which covers how to work smarter not harder with top productivity methods, how to boost your brand visibility and thought leadership as a key leader in your sector, and include tips on the latest technology out there to support you and your teams in this modern digital world.