Our Chosen Charity for 2020

As some of you will know we were heartbroken to loose our close friend and DigiEnable team member Craig at the end of 2019.

Craig battled with cancer (and gave it a bloody good fight) but sady we lot him in late September, leaving a hole in our hearts. Craig was only 32 and was a fabulous, vibrate and bubbly person that would always put others first. You might have met him at our Social Media Surgeries or outdoor events over the years, he’d be the one with a big beaming smile on his face, and would try and help you as much as he could. Here’s an old photo of us all, he’s in the red top.

We went to visit him in his last few days at the Marie Curie Cancer Care Centre in Newcastle – the place and people (staff and volunteers) were amazing and couldn’t do any more for Craig. He said they were lovely to him, enabling him to try alternative therapies to help with the pain, and put up with his michievious ways… He at one point tried to optimise their wifi router which was running slow – how awesome it that! That was Craig all over.

And in true Craig style, he’d want to make something massively positive out of all of this. So we are.

Our aim is to raise enough money to run the Newcastle centre for a day! It costs £8587 each day to run this amazing centre, and we want to help raise that money in memory of Craig.

So we have a simple way to donate your love (and money) to the cause at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/digienable anything you can give is very much appreciated, and will go directly to the charity. And if you can share the link around, that would be even more spectacular.

We will also be focusing our fundraising efforts this year for Marie Curie, so keep your eyes peeled for our activities across the year. Please do let us know if you’d like to help us out too!

If nothing else, losing Craig has made us more determined to make the most out of life, and support you, your businesses and non-profits to grow as much as we can!

Thanks for all your support,

Liz and Darren x

Donate at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/digienable

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