Digital Inclusion

DigiEnable have delivered support on many projects with housing associations, charities, fully-funded programmes, and government initiatives to enable more of the UK population to access the online world. We have lots of experience with running these sort of workshops with disadvantaged and minorities groups, such as LGBT+ and Womens-only groups. The below workshops gives a brief introduction to some of this work, but if you would like to know more, please get in touch and let’s arrange a chat.

Beginners Level Basic IT Skills

Are you looking to introduce a group to computing and digital skills for the very first time? Your participants have some IT skills but lack the confidence to not “break it” or “get scammed”? Looking for welcoming and inclusive sessions for all abilities and learning needs? Then let’s chat!

We have a range of Basic IT programmes for the digitally excluded, and for those who currently don’t possess the full range of learnings based on the “Essential Digital Skills” framework. Sessions include topics such as: basic computer equipment and accessories, intro to the Windows system, intro to the internet, basic internet safety, simple steps to Office365, How to use Word and Excel, writing and sending emails, searching online and many more.

Social Media for Employability

This series of sessions covers the best social media platforms to gain a great online presence to share with potential employers, how to use the platforms efficiently and how to use social media to look for jobs. This is suitable for those who haven’t used social media before, and those who have but want to focus on using these platforms for employability.

Digital Champions Training

In these sessions we will investigate what it is to be a Digital Champion and why this role is so important in a society where those who are digitally engaged often access more opportunities that those who don’t. We will look at the most common questions asked of Digital Champions and explore a number of useful websites and links which give access to information, free training, ways of saving money and opportunities reduce isolation and expand social circles. These sessions will also cover some of the basics of internet security, web safety and personal protection which is vital for those getting online for the first time. There will be opportunity to put your newly learnt skills into practice and become a Digital Champion.

Adding “Training” To Your Skillset (An Introduction)

Without exception, every professional within every sector will at times have the need to train others. However, we don’t always consider it to be “training” in the traditional sense.  Whether it be through Coaching, Mentoring, Skill-sharing or Leadership, the skills required to be an effective trainer are becoming increasingly transferable in the modern workplace. In this session you will learn the differences between the different styles of learner engagement and support, understand basic learning styles and how to craft presentations that engage all learners at different levels.

Train The Trainer Programme

As DigiEnable is a team of multi-award-winning and qualified trainers, we regularly get asked to provide more in-depth training for trainers to carry on their CPD, and enable the learning to extend outside of our DigiEnable sessions. A bespoke set of sessions for anyone who wants more confidence when delivering training… or wants to learn new and engaging ways of working with others.

An Intro to Digital Accessibility

Want to make sure as many people can engage with you, your content, your products and services? Have you considered how someone with a physical disability or neurological disorder? Are you conscious of how you post your images online… and how people with sight loss might be feeling left out? Have you made sure your presentations are friendly for all learners, of different styles and accessibility needs, including those with dyslexia or colour blindness? If you don’t already have a firm grasp on these concepts, it’s worth joining this session to find out more! Learn how to be more considerate to the people around you, how to reach more people with your offerings and how to make sure you’re complaint where necessary, as well as going above and beyond for your clients and customers.