Training Topics from DigiEnable

Award winning Digital Training, to help you be more digitally savvy and visible online

Since launching in 2012, DigiEnable has continuously developed our training offer, to keep up with changes in technology and digital resources, and how they can be utilised. We pride ourselves on being able to work across sectors to ensure that businesses, charities, community groups and individuals are all able to better use technology in their businesses and daily lives.

We have broken down our “off the shelf” sessions to make it easier to find what you’re looking for topic-wise. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then please do get in touch, as we regularly produce bespoke trainings based on individual needs of our clients. We can deliver these topics in a multiple of different ways, for more information, just ask.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin and more… are all great ways to build your brand online. If you’re not sure how to use them effectively, we can help. This includes online reputation, dark socials and paid-for advertising.

Leads and Sales – How to sell you and your products and services online. This includes social selling, eCommerce, PR, Leads Creation and Leads Nurturing with tools such as websites and email marketing.

Productivity – How to utilise productivity processes and digital resources, to increase your productivity and work-life balance. This includes our own systems such as ZenForInbox from The Productivity Club.

Audio and Video – How to make the most of your smart devices to create top notch video content, how to create a podcast and how to use the editing softwares that make your content stand out.

Website Skills – How to create your own WordPress website, learn SEO and Analytics, and how Canva is your best friend for creating new images for your pages.

Digital Office – All things Microsoft, Office, MS Teams and Zoom. Including Train the Trainer options.

Creative Digital – Combining Digital with Artistic creations. These fun sessions are also great for participant engagement, and something a “bit different”.

Digital Storytelling – Storytelling is an integral aspect of being human, but using technology to tell your story gives some incredible opportunities as well as the chance to see your “story” go viral.

Digital Inclusion – DigiEnable have supported many Digital Inclusion projects to engage those who would typically not see technology as being for them. If you’re trying to reach out to excluded groups or educate on the benefits of being online, we can help.

Digital Training Programme for Leaders and C-Suite – A series of sessions, designed for the business owner, leader, or C-suite manager in mind. Get to grips with what’s going on and what your business should be doing to Market Online.

For more information on how DigiEnable can help you, an informal chat about your needs, or to request a bespoke proposal email us via or get in touch via our Contact Form