Diverse Geeks was set up as a DigiEnable project in the middle of 2014. DigiEnable founder Liz Hardwick, or as she’s more commonly known online @Tech_Geek_Girl, started the group to promote the idea that everyone is a geek about something and there was a space needed to share those passions with other.
“The reason behind wanting to setup a new initiative is to bring lots of great events and training we are already doing (and plan to do more) under one umbrella that’s easy to identify with. Most geeky groups out there have a specific aim, or a specific target of audience, we want to open up our events to anyone and everyone and be inclusive and supportive for all who attend”
The first DiverseGeeks event took place in January 2015 with Plug-In-Lancashire‘s regular meetups, seeing local Photographer Kerry-Anne Hedges sharing her passion and tips for great photos, and the type of exciting projects anyone can get involved with. Images from some of our previous events are available on Flickr.
Regular DiverseGeeks branded events include tech and craft workshops, a Co-Working meetup for freelancers and others who want to escape the same four walls of their office; and digital support workshops for charities and non-profits.
To keep up with the latest events follow the Diverse Geeks Facebook page for activities and dates for upcoming co-working opportunities and news and info on the Diverse Geeks Twitter Feed

For any questions about DiverseGeeks email Info@Diversegeeks.co.uk