TechForGood Lancashire

As part of the DiverseGeeks brand, we have been running TechForGood events in Lancashire since 2012, as a part of DigiEnable’s give back ethos.

TechForGood Lancashire has morphed in style and name over the years, and we always try and focus on the latest needs of our friends at charities and non-profit organisations. 

Sometimes small and micro charities have limited time, people and budgets to use Digital to their advantage – over the year DiverseGeeks has helped over 50 charities free of charge. 

For some of the larger charities the networking and connections, case studies and new ideas can be just what they’re craving – we try and help where we can!


We have been using Meetup for some time now to organise our meetings, but are sad to hear that since they were bought-out, their new plan is to introduce charges per-person-per-meeting, on top of the organiser fee we currently pay.

As this has always been something we have wanted to offer for free as part of DiverseGeeks, we have decided to close the Meetup group down and use Eventbrite as the new platform of choice. (Free to use when tickets are free!)

You can find a list of our latest events here – – simply get a free ticket for our next event and we’ll send you a online meeting link the morning of the meetup.

We use for our online events, if you’re new to the video conferencing platform, check out our tips at