DigiEnable Podcast – March 2024

The DigiEnable Podcast
The DigiEnable Podcast
DigiEnable Podcast - March 2024

In this episode we talk about why AI might no longer be the trending topic, how Microsoft is changing it’s keyboard and which app Liz picked after test 8 of the topi habit-tracking tools on the market!

Show Notes:

Top 3 News stories we’ve found most important to share…

1. Nearly all wealth gained by world’s rich this year comes from AI

The biggest winners include Huang and Mark Zuckerberg, whose Meta Platforms is the second-best performer on the S&P 500 Index after Nvidia for the second year in a row. Steve Ballmer has ridden the wave of optimism that accompanied Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, while Michael Dell has seen his fortune surge thanks in part to AI initiatives at Dell Technologies  and Broadcom. 



2. AI hype is fading, according to earnings calls

From Q4 2023 ro Q1 2024 for far, mentions of AI have almost halved!


3. Microsoft says a Copilot key is coming to keyboards on Windows PCs starting this month

Upcoming Windows PCs will feature a Copilot key for having text conversations with the software maker’s virtual assistant. It’s one of the most prominent additions to the Windows keyboard since the 1994 introduction of the Windows key for viewing the Start menu.


Top tips round up… (things to focus on for 2024)

(we’re also changing up the theme strands for future too!)

Digital Marketing: (socials, strategies etc)

New LinkedIn feature, removing “creator” wording, adding “suggested posts” and how to play the algorithm  game… by not chasing the trends!



Check for Instagram Notes

New, and not totally rolled out yet!


Processes: (workflows, automations etc)

Text to Video upto a minute long while maintaining visual quality and adhering to users AI prompt are nearly here. Keep an eye on OpenAI’s Sora


Productivity: (Personal, Business and Team Productivity)

2024 The Productivity club Webinars

Check out our brand new webinars for 2024, every other month you can learn a new way to boost your productivity and reclaim your time, energy, focus and ultimately money.


Favourite podcast/book/app/site of the moment



Both Habit and tasks tracker it also features the ability to group habits together, notes, reminders, and even a timer to track your focus on a tasks or habit in real-time. After testing 8 new apps, this ticked all the boxes itself.


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