Mixing Local Sports and Business – DigiEnable supports Chorley FC for the new season

After initially attending the football club, during the day for a business networking event for the sponsors of Chorley FM (a community radio station we support too), we found out more about what the local Chorley Magpies were doing and that there were lots of business sponsorship options within the club and community trust.

DigiEnable initially got involved back in March, you’ll probably remember our blog post from then, if not you can read “Chorley through and thru” blog again. We signed up for some tickets to the “Hottest Ticket in Town” campaign that the club launched – we didn’t win, but enjoyed the lovely gala dinner – obviously need to buy more tickets next time!

Then a few months later we joined in again by sponsoring a barrel of the finest (some of our Welsh friends have said) “The Rev James Original” ale at the Chorley FC’s Beer and Cider Festival.

It was a great opportunity to support the club, but also meet some new faces in the local business area at the launch party.

So it seemed only fitting, after we seemed to have got the bug for checking the scores, going to the game and watching the live streams of the matches in the office, that we should support the team for the new season.

Since then we’ve used the club’s lounge for events and meetings and would recommend it for other functions locally too!

So you’ll see our name down as part of the Magpies Business Club members for 2018/19 and we are looking forward to getting more involved in the club.

Having a business that covers nationally, but is based in the town where I grew up, is amazing! I’m not sure why it’s taken us so long to get involved in the Chorley FC’s Business Club! I’m loving the community, the vibe during the games and the comradery with the opponents, regardless of the result. There’s something about CFC that is truly a reflection of Chorley. And yes, they do serve pies on match days!

Liz Hardwick, Co-Founder @DigiEnable

If you see any of us at the Chorley Football club, please do come and say hello, we are a friendly bunch – and we do like a pie!

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