DigiEnable Podcast – November 2022

The DigiEnable Podcast
The DigiEnable Podcast
DigiEnable Podcast - November 2022

In this episode we look ahead to 2023, what Twitter’s latest updates are (subject to change!), Why you’re not broken, and how you can optimise your time!

Show Notes:

Big up all our listeners, from around the world, but today we wanted to highlight our home followers…

 British podcast listeners listen to 6.5 hours a week


1. Twitter news – blue tick, grey ticks

Enter the new “official account” mark! That’s right, another mark  featuring a checkmark and the words “official account” beside it.


2. 2023 will be all about automation

All about Automation, AI and more modern digital techniques + Google starts it’s own Text to video AI creator



3. Google reviews to show number of reviews in locations

Google’s local listings show for some listings the number of reviews left by a specific reviewer in a particular location. Helpful to spot the spammers!


Top tips round up…

Social Media: How to Use TikTok Hashtags to Spot Trends and Boost Views

3-5 hashtags per post is key!


SEO: Not just Google Anymore

Today, digital marketers are branching out to include a variety of alternative search engines in their SEO strategy, including Bing. Not to mention, it’s also becoming more common to optimize content specifically for social media platforms.


Productivity: Planning Ahead for a productive 2023

4 weeks, 4 different productivity techniques to get your 2023 started well!


Favourite podcast/audio book/ book of the moment

You’re Not Broken by Chris Duncan

Book club 5th Jan 2023, join our Facebook group for more info https://www.facebook.com/groups/141240473328582

Favourite app of the moment

Time Buddy