Top 5 Programmes To SMASH your 2021 Goals!

So here we are looking at 2021 in the face! Ready to get started, set our new year goals, but maybe previous years, January gets busy and we aren’t as productive with our goals as we’d hoped – we’ve been there and we’re sure you have at some point too.

So here’s out top recommendations, to SMASH your new year goals!!

1. PomoDone App – Still a firm favourite for using with the Pomodoro method – we loe how this can work across computers and devices and has timers, schedules and editable timings for those working in bigger chunks of time. For us, the big seller for this is it works with our next recommendation….

2. ToDoIst – After having downloaded and tested at least 30 different task apps, we’ve landed on this one as our firm favourite. Colour coding, multiple lists or “projects” and sub-tasks too. Also a new feature in the past few months you can also setup your lists in a board-style view – so great if you’re using project management processes.

3. Asana – We prefer to pick a specific tool for the Project Management job, and this one for us comes out on top year on year. You can assign tasks to your team, set reminders as pop ups and view your tasks and milestones in a variety of setups.

4. BlueMail – Want to drag your emails out of the 90s where they’ve been stuck for years? Then get using Blue Mail – use on both your device and computer, this versatile programme gives your email features you wish you’d had for years! Including reminders, send laters, and people filters to find those important emails in your inbox!

5. Productivity Portal – Our very own elearning platform with a growing number of modules on all things digital productivity – to help you harness your emails, tweak your task lists and Power through your Poms. Want to find out more? Check it out at 

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