Tips and Apps for your Online Office

Are you finding you’re getting back to remote working again? Are you wanting to keep your office admin and logistics running on-the-go from your smart phone? Who doesn’t right?

Well then, here’s our top tips and apps from streamlining your processes on the go!

Some Examples of Digital Tools for your Online Office…

  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Private Messaging/SMS
  • Digital Documents
  • Word/PowerPoint/Excel/PDF
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Receipt management
  • Website links and references
  • Calendar/Appointment Setters
  • Task Lists & Reminders

Check out these apps to make your documents more accessible and quick-to-send…


ES File Explorer – great to organising you mobile file systems folders

Convert Word to PDF – app will change your Word Docs to PDFs – great for your quote and invoices!

Have a think about your existing file sharing platforms – do you already use DropBox, Google Docs or Zoolz? Download the app and easily grab your files on the go, from any devices

And if you want to get that bag of paper receipts sorted, check out apps like Smart Receipts. A great overall reviews blog here.

Is your email stuck in the 90s? Then let’s update it!

Try out 3rd party email management apps like BlueMail

Send emails and messages later on via Do It Later (Android) or Later (iOS)

Check out the #ZenForInbox process

Utilise and Trust Your “Second Brain”

Plan and schedule your calendar appointments

Use your Task Lists

Check out your default sessions for your Reminder Systems

Think about using Soft Deadlines before your Hard Deadlines!

Time Management Systems Can Reduce Your Processing Time

Apps like Doodle (group scheduling invite programme), Calendly (where you can share you calendar with other who can automatically book into your free times) and if you need to track your time with clients or projects, check out Toggl.

And for the days you’re feeling Creative, here’s some apps for that…

  • Canva for Image Creation and Simple Templates
  • Milanote for creative vision boards
  • Miro for Digital post-it notes
  • Giphy (and Giphycam) to create your own eye-catching

Need More Help?

So if you have any quick questions you can’t find the answer to, give us an email and we’ll always try and help you out with some answers and links (we are happy to do this for free, but a fair usage policy applies).

If you’d like a more in-depth and bespoke online training session for you or your teams, contact us for more information on how our online training sessions and consultations can help.

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