Inspired by Local Female Founders at EVAS2018 Awards

“When you start off an evening, at 5 o’clock, standing outside offices on a main road in the centre of Chorley, waiting for a taxi, in a ball gown, you do draw some attention!!” Liz

EVA Awards is the Enterprise Vision Awards run by Coral Horn of Pink Link Ladies, a yearly awards event to celebrate working women in the NW area, doing amazing and inspiring things! A big thanks to Gill and Alistair at Chorley Council for the invite! Liz had a fabulous evening, met some amazing female founders and directors, and saw some of our lovely business friends win awards! Congratulations to all the finalists and winners, and those who just had a go at taking part in the process, it’s only at these events sometimes, that we even find out that each other exists. It’s good for everyone’s business to be more visible.   So the obligatory selfies (only the best made this cut!), glitz and glamour galore and free chocolates all round courtesy of Chorley’s very own Chocobella  Liz has put her dress away for another year (she hopes!) and has brought back to the office a renewed passion for women in business. If you’d like to have Liz run some female-focused digital training sessions, get in touch!

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