Fresh Perspective on Marketing a Business


It’s not every day you see a business and immediately love them based on their down-to-earth marketing and branding. We love this recruitment company in Chorley, who love their dogs and use them as part of their brand and marketing.

A Different Perspective

Fresh Perspective or FP Resourcing are based round the corner from us, and aside from the fact they’re good at what they do, have good testimonials from their clients and are just all-round lovely people, their brand, passion and charity work stood out to us lot here at DigiEnable. You know we love give-back and love it when we find other businesses that do too.

A local company with no hard-sell or high fees, friendly people and great ethos, these are a fabulous company to find out more about. A newish start-up they’ve already won awards in the region for the work they do including Founder Laura’s Sub36 award for Entrepreneur of the year 2018!

Even though historically recruitment companies have got a bad rep (just like SEO companies!) using the dogs in their branding, not only shows off the staff team’s personalities – using their own dogs in photoshoots for the website and regular social media content, it’s also a fabulous conversation starter and hints at the fact they aren’t the stuff overly-official consultants you might have experienced in the past.

Why it works?

Who doesn’t like dogs? (Ok some.)

But who doesn’t love a good dog meme, photo or cute dog cartoon? (Yes we can get behind that!)

What would your “thing” be that represents you and your personality within your business? What can people get behind and engage with? What could you use as online content?

Connect with us and share your content and photos, we’d love to see!!!

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