DigiEnable Podcast – March 2023

The DigiEnable Podcast
The DigiEnable Podcast
DigiEnable Podcast - March 2023

In this episode we chat about the fight that’s on for the AI robots, integrations and collaboration between more app companies and users goes live across the world, and how we’d recommend you make the most of these new opportunities!

Show Notes:

1. TikTok Limits screen time

TikTok will limit teens to 60 minutes of screen time a day (but you can turn the limit off), along with expanding parental controls on Family Pairing.


2. The fight of the AI bots is ON!

OpenAI started with ChatGPT, Google has Bard, Baidu has Ernie, and Microsoft uses ChatGPT into Bing and Edge, and says it’s launching it’s own office-add-on soon. What next?



3. Netflix helps Bumble matches find common interests with game about popular shows

Netflix and Bumble have joined forces to help users of the dating app find matches based on Netflix show preferences and knowledge – The campaign was inspired by a Bumble survey in which 78% of respondents said it’s easier to talk to a match if they have the same taste in TV and film, while 59% of Gen Z respondents indicated that liking the same movies and shows makes a match more appealing.


Top tips round up…

Social Media: LinkedIn Launches ‘Collaborative Articles’ Powered by AI to Help Boost Member Engagement


SEO: Google Introduces AI-Powered Search Ads

One of the new tools in Google Ads is automatically creating ad assets using Google’s AI.


Productivity: The DigiEnable Productivity Wheel

Rate your productivity with your very own printable tool – also our freebie of the month – check out our socials for our monthly offerings!


Favourite podcast/audio book/ book of the moment

Podcast – The Lavendaire Lifestyle https://www.lavendaire.com/llpodcast/

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