Top Tips When Launching A Business Blog

Blogging is one powerful form of marketing. It creates content that makes a business more personable or relatable, while also presenting valuable information to readers.

A business blog can be a huge asset but it has to follow a smart formula in order to be successful. Here are the most important tips you should follow if you’re gearing up to launch a blog for your company.

1. Include images or videos in every post

Everything in the digital realm benefits from images because users are all visually inclined. Online marketing experts always say that people just don’t remain loyal to text-only blogs — they need better visual stimulation. So, when you create a blog post, always include photos, graphics, and/or videos to complement and clarify the content.

2. Create a consistent schedule for blog posts

Consistency is a must in blogging because this is one reliable way of creating loyal readership. Likewise, regular publishing of posts is a demonstration of the business’s commitment to going about responsibilities in a high-quality manner.

Therefore, set a workable schedule for publishing new posts and ensure that every post is juicy with valuable content for your readers.

3. Use a good headline every time

Headlines play a vital role in rankings, social shares, clicks, and conversions, so spend enough time formulating a good one. Make sure that your headline possesses these elements:

  • Numbers – These can automatically hook readers’ interest because the human brain likes numbers.
  • Strong words – Carefully drawn power words drive people to action because they tap on the emotion.
  • Sense of urgency – It’s important to move people along so create a deadline or present a demand with scarcity. Make sure people understand if there’s a deadline, that time is of the essence and they need to respond quickly.
  •  Simplicity – Keeping headlines short and simple helps focus people’s attention on what truly matters.

4. Link the blog to your social media accounts

Share, share share to you other online networks. You can grow your readership through this strategy. Unless you’re a famous blogger you’ll have to promote your blog posts so people know where to read them.

5. Chop your paragraphs up into bite-sized chunks

Smart blog writing is all about making your message “digestible.” Nothing can turn off readers more than incredibly long paragraphs. Even if the post with long paragraphs has a lot of important information to benefit readers, it will fail to lock in their attention. People find long paragraphs overwhelming. So, keep your paragraphs short but compact. Better yet, use bullet points.

6. Lastly, write with the benefit of your readers in mind

People read blogs for their own benefit – that’s the natural inclination. Cater to that and make sure that you interact with them through your blog. If they know you monitor activities in your blog, they’ll visit it more and engage with your business frequently.

Are there any further tips you’ve found useful when blogging for business? Share below in the comments or on our social media channels… do you see what we did there?

Always remember content is king, and if you focus on content for your specific audience, you’ll find your content is much more engaged with.

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