SEO Should Complement, Not Compete With Other Marketing Initiatives

When it comes to online marketing, it’s crucial to make every effort work seamlessly with everything else. So, when you think about SEO, you should think of it as a part of a whole rather than something that can hinder your other marketing efforts. It shouldn’t compete with your AdWords or your PPC, and it certainly shouldn’t compete with your content marketing.

Think of the example of building a house, you’ll not just want walls, you’ll also need windows, doors, furnishings and a team of people to work together to make that happen.

The real deal is that SEO can actually serve as the force holding all your marketing tactics together – that is, if it’s done right. For example, for all the content churned out for search engines to index, it’s imperative that on-site SEO groundwork is done properly. Otherwise, content efforts will simply go to waste.

A website that wasn’t developed with SEO in mind is like that awesome new kid in school that’s lost in the crowd. No matter how beautiful and useful the website is, without SEO, nobody will find out about it and the business can’t benefit much from it.

It is also important to recognise that SEO provides a solid structure for content marketing because, by principle, it is rooted in relevancy. This means that the goal is to ensure that relevant information is being promoted in the digital realm. Optimising content is easy when it’s unique and useful.

SEO is likewise involved in other activities that businesses attribute their marketing success to, such as PR, branding, commerce experience and many others. It has the ability to make every one of these efforts matter because it places these business essentials where they are most visible in the digital world.

Additionally, with SEO, generating more information about the target demographic is made easier. The data that can be derived from SEO methods and platforms can provide a clear direction for improvement initiatives across all marketing strategies.

All in all, there are just so many benefits to making SEO a complementary marketing effort rather than one that competes with other initiatives. The online marketing industry is evolving so fast that it is vital to develop such a mindset that thinks so much bigger in order to be optimally effective. Instead of focusing on how one component can have a negative impact on another, it’s best to study how they can work together and have a synergistic effect.

SEO that is well executed secures such a result. So, if you want SEO to complement all your marketing efforts, hire SEO experts who can make sure your Search Engine Optimisation is done right.

At DigiEnable we offer SEO services, and can work alongside existing marketing departments and platforms to help you get your online marketing (or your theoretical house) working effectively.

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