Press Coverage for DigiEnable – Tech isn’t just for men and geeks

Recently we were listed in the Female Founders 101 list for the work we do. That was brilliant! We don’t often shout about what we do, so when we get into awards, lists, or the press, we feel really honoured to be involved and included!

The female founders list covered some amazing founders and co-founders who are out in the technology industry doing positive, productive work, so to be included alongside these women, (some that I’ve been in awe of for years) is personally a great achievement.

Following this we had the fab opportunity of being interviewed by star journalist Natalie Walker from JPress – the company behind brands such as Lancashire Post and local Guardians and Reporters.

Amongst many other features, one she’s responsible for is the Lancashire Post’s Workplace feature. This covers a workplace ever week and a sneak peek behind the scenes. We were really pleased with the article and loved being able to share our passion for technology being for EVERYONE!

The feature was covered online and also in that thing they call offline, in a real newspaper…

Big thanks to Natalie for doing such a fab article on us, and thanks to those of you who’ve been in touch to let us know you saw it!

Do you still have barriers or fears to using technology or going online? Or do you feel your website needs to be more findable online? We’d love to hear from you and see how we can help.

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