DigiEnable launch new Productivity Membership Community

This month sees DigiEnable take the exciting step of launching their own membership community, designed to support busy business owners from across the UK, to reclaim back valuable hours in their week.

The new initiative was “soft-launched” in early April and has attracted business owners who have identified that they are spending too much time on tasks that aren’t making them money. The group’s aims are to support each other to work more productively, using a variety of techniques to do more with the time they have, and ultimately move towards spending less time at work.

The membership is led by Liz Hardwick, a Productivity speaker and trainer with over 15 years experience supporting business owners to use technology to streamline their businesses. Creating a membership is something she has wanted to do for some time, and after receiving an increasing amount of feedback that many business owners were struggling to be productive while adapting to new ways of working, it felt like it was needed now more than ever.

Liz Hardwick said “I speak to business owners on a daily basis, and hear how they are struggling to not just balance the ever-changing work environments, but also the demands of family life and supporting those around them. This used to be me until I decided to learn how to better manage my time, and get more from the hours I did spend working. I should say, I’m not perfect, I have probably made every mistake in the book, but love that I can now share the best solutions I have found, and help others avoid the techniques which were more hype than useful, and making a serious difference to my members”.

Pam Clark, owner of All Things Sorted, joined the DigiEnable Membership as a founding member, and added “Wearing several hats as I do in my work, I am very good at time management for my clients. But Liz’s Digital Productivity course attracted me as I love the idea of being able to work a four-day week and needed to be more structured in the way I split my time between my clients who always take priority and my own time. I love the course and have adopted several techniques that I was aware of but didn’t have the time to explore. I recently had my most productive month in quite some time and by being more focused and disciplined, I’ve become happier as I find chunks of time for me, my interests, family, and business development.”

Each month members get access to a brand new webinar, freshly updated content, the productivity book club, exclusive VIP area, and much more. This first month also includes a 1-2-1 with Liz, making it over £300 of content in the first month alone, for only £49 per month. The group is reopening its doors to new applicants this month but will close them after 25 new members join to allow every member to take full advantage of their 1-2-1 time and get full support to navigate their investment.

For more information visit https://elearning.digienable.co.uk/productivity-prompter-2021 or contact Liz on productivity@DigiEnable.co.uk

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