The Importance of Voice Search for Local SEO

The Importance of Voice Search for Local SEO

Voice search has long been thought of as the new form of organic SEO. In fact, by 2022, commercial voice sales are expected to rise to $40 billion, which is up from the $1.8 billion recorded in 2017.

It will have a range of uses, but for now, its main use is in the world of search. Google Voice Search is pioneering it, but we also have Amazon Echo and Siri as close competitors.

So why is voice search so important for local SEO?

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a simple concept. It means that you can use your voice to search for things online.

For example, you could ask your smartphone where to find good Chinese takeaways in your local area like “Where’s a good Chinese takeaway in Chorley?”. Your phone would then search online and provide you with the results closest to you. (Obviously we’d suggest the Oriental in Chorley!).

And it’s already expanding into commands that can control the functions of your home. Your smart speaker could control your thermostat or your home alarm, for example. We’ve even got the office kettle on a wifi triggered plug! Super time-saving tool!

The Statistics That Matter

So, in terms of voice search for local SEO, what do you need to know and how could it impact your local online marketing?

The first stat is that half of all searches will be made by voice come 2020, which is only two years away. That means if you’re not optimised you could be missing out on half of your audience.

The next important stat is that the voice recognition market will be worth $601 million in 2019. That will go a long way to removing the biggest obstacle to voice search becoming the dominant force in SEO.

Finally, in January 2018 there were over a billion voice searches made globally. It’s already taken hold and it’s inevitable that this number will continue to increase.

Actions You Can Take to Prepare Your Website

Now that you know how important voice search for local SEO is, you need to take action to prepare your website. Without it, your local SEO campaign will be totally flawed.

These are the steps you should take to get ready for this revolution:

Step One – Optimise your website for voice content. Make sure your content is conversational in nature. So, write more like a blog post and do away with that corporate tone.

Step Two – On the same subject as conversational, you need to go out of your way to use long tail keywords because that’s what people will also be using when they perform searches.

Step Three – Be optimised for mobile. This is something you should already have, but local online marketing is all about mobile, as most people will be performing these voice searches on the go.

Step Four – Your answers should be straight and to the point. Google always placed snippets at the top of its search results that instantly answer the question. Have this answer on your website.

Be Ready for the Revolution

Becoming an early adopter will put you in the best possible position to be ready for what’s to come. Whether someone is using Siri, Amazon Echo, or Google Voice Search is irrelevant because the principles of voice search for local SEO are the same.

Prepare your website, provide straight answers, and be conversational.

If you need help figuring this all out, contact us to find out about how we could help.

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