Using Snapchat for Business

Recently we were invited to speak on a webinar for retail business owners, about the benefits of Snapchat, reaching 6.2million people in UK and having 190 million daily active users, it’s worth taking a look at.

Snapchat is renowned for being a platform where young people spend most of their time. When you think about how most of their parents will be on Facebook, it makes sense they’d want to be somewhere different.

Stats have stayed similar since it’s launch in 2011, with 90% of Snapchat users within the age bracket of 13-24. If you have target audiences that fit this age group, it’s worth testing out Snapchat.

Snapchat Features for Promotion

As well as the basic sending of images and video there are also lots of fabulous features in Snapchat to have a go with.


Scan – Augmented reality camera

Snapmap – find businesses and people on a map

Originals – short films

Spectacles (Glasses) – ya’ know the ones you see people wearing on instagram!

Snapcode (qr code type for people to find your account)

Bitmoji (mini avatar)

Shazam (in camera hold down to shazam the music to find out what the track is called)

Memories (archive)

Ghost (Profile image)

Within your account you have a few different options…

Stories (24 hours, unlimited times people can view)

Lenses and World Lenses – styles you can build for others to use

“Friend” – connecting with others who can see your more private stuff

Public Profiles


Community Lens

Publisher Stories

“Our story” snaps

Snapchat Strategy for Business

Once you’ve got to grips with the user interface and where all the settings live, turn your mind to the reason you want to use the platform.

If it’s for your business promotion, make sure you Push It Public, so it gets maximum opportunity for exposure.

Next up get your logos and style sheets in order so your brand is on form

Once you start producing content, think about your target audience – age 13-24 – and make sure your content is catered for them.

Business Opportunities with Snapchat

For maximum strategy think about creating your own – community filters, geo or moment filters, lens – and get people using them!

Big brands like Cosmopolitan regularly request your stories with hashtags you can share like Cosmostories – the top ones they like then get published on the Discover pages! So definitely worth checking out who does them who’s relevant to your brand and clients.

And if you do have a physical premises that people frequent makes sure you tell people you’re on Spachat – print off your bespoke Snapcode and stick in on a wall – that way people can connect with you easily while they’re with you!

Have a go with Snapchat and let us know what content works for you! Don’t forget to always bear your audience in mind!

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