Apps for Managing Remote Working Teams

Ok, you’ve got your team working remotely… You’re on Zoom, you’re on Teams, is there anything more you can do to keep the team spirit and productivity alive?

Absolutely you can! Here follows out top apps to check out to streamline your team’s processes with the latest Apps we love!

Calendars Are KEY to your team Productivity!

If it’s not in the calendar, does it exist? It’s like if a tree falls in a forest right?!

Within your team, even if you think people aren’t checking your calendar before they ring/email you, well they are. So make sure your calendar (and others in your team) is clear, easy to understand, and flags up when you’re available and busy.

We would also highly recommend not just having one calendar, but split off your life into different calendars, where you can choose then who has access to what.

Once you’ve got multiple calendars, it can be better to shop around for the better apps rather than the native mobile phone calendars, or even the Google Cal or Outlook Cals native apps.

Digital Calendars became useful in the 1990s when we first started using PDAs (remember those, oh you’re probably too young!) 😉

We highly recommend and use multiple times a day the Business Calendar 2 app. However that only works for Android, so we’ve sourced you an iOS alternative called Fantastical!

The future of calendars is bright! Think about what you need your calendars to do and look for a platform/app accordingly, there are many companies now out there that realise Calendars are everything! So it’s worth writing out your wish list first to help with your selections! Most of those are paid-for platforms, but usually have a trial period you can have a test with first for free.

Super-Useful Time Management Tools

The following tools, will really help, not only reduce your time, but also ususally reduces a huge number of “CC’d emails” to your whole team!

Doodle – Offer some options of when you want to meet together, send one link, people can click the link and respond, removing that huge number of emails saying “I can only do 2pm not 3pm on Friday…”

Calendly – Want to offer a link to your client or team where they can book into any free slot you deem in your calendar? Send them your Calendly link and they’ll get an automated email with their booking info, and if relevant a zoom link too!

Toggl – Want your team to track who’s working on what project, for what client, for how long and when? Then check out the tracking app and Browser Extension Toggl.

Digital Workflows for Your Teams

In our previous post we shared a whole series of tools for Digital Projec Management Workflows – you’ll find that here

And a previous blog that’s relevant can be found here which covers email and non-email teams communication platforms. A must read!

If you want to find out more about our ZenForInbox process, we have a blog here and you can sign up for our eLearning module at

Making Team Meetings FUN!

What?! Work and FUN? Yeah you heard it right. Here’s our list of apps to give a try to make your comms more fun, real-world-feel and engaging, even via online!

Canva – Get your images looks sleek, with templates and limited effort and skills!

Milanote – A creative digital ideas board for your teams to get together and share ideas

Miro – The digital version of Post-It Notes on a board or wall in your office! We LOVE this!

Our Top Apps for Productivity blog can be found here

And finally…

Check out our eLearning portal for a range of Producitivty modules, growing monthly on month!

Need More Help?

So if you have any quick questions you can’t find the answer to, give us an email and we’ll always try and help you out with some answers and links (we are happy to do this for free, but a fair usage policy applies).

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