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When you’re looking to generate business from your website, the importance of SEO can’t be overestimated – a well thought out SEO plan is the best way to guarantee a higher position in Google’s (and other search engines) rankings, and get more customers to your website. If you’re not thinking about SEO while producing new content and creating new pages, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll end up on the lower pages of the search engines, and that’s not where you want your business to be. Hiring a Lancashire SEO company will help you win the numbers of customers you deserve.

You need content, good content, which is going to bring new customers to your site because you are providing the answers to the problems they want solving. Ultimately, that’s what Google, Yahoo, Bing and any search engine is looking for, amazing websites that not only look great but give the customer what they are looking for. If you can provide that, then you’re already part of the way there. But to really excel, your focus shouldn’t just be on your content, but also optimizing your pages and creating content on other reputable sites, which can redirect potential customers back to your domain. If you spend time getting links from well-respected locations, this indicates to Google that you’re an authority in your sector who offers value, and you deserve to be on that front page of listings.

Having a good looking website is not enough

Many web designers do a great job of creating websites which are attractive, full of colour and easy to navigate, but once it’s been handed over to you the hard work of promoting it really begins. Your priority should not be to have the prettiest website in your niche, if nobody ever visits it then it may as well not exist. You want to have a website which ranks well on Google, which positions you as the go-to company within your sector, which highlights your products with strong calls to action and importantly, makes you money. After all, making sales is one of your business targets…right?

This is only going to happen if you can generate a good level of activity on your site, you may also hear this referred to by many, as traffic. The more activity on your site, the more opportunities there are to create leads and open a dialogue with your potential clients and customers. The higher you rank for popular search terms, the more likely you are to get this traffic, but you first need to make sure Google can see your site to be able to tell those making search requests, all about you and your services. By using a Lancashire SEO training company such as DigiEnable, we can help you get to grips with both your local rankings and further afield, to make sure you’re getting seen by the right people.

Have you ever wondered how webpages end up on search engines such as Google? Well, put simply web search tools “crawl” the internet on an ongoing basis, looking at websites and capturing information from them to create listings. They don’t look at the sites in the same way that humans do, they read the code looking for keywords, headings and other information which tells them what your webpage is about. It looks for linked text, descriptions, alt-tags (on your images), it looks for a sitemap to help them navigate around your site, all bits of information which your web designer may or may not have included.

This is where engaging a company who knows about Lancashire SEO can help, we’ve run SEO campaigns for clients for a number of years, and are now evolving our business to focus on Training, rather than done-for-you SEO. We’ve heard so many people want to invest in training rather than agencies (or have previously had bad expirecene)s and now want to go it alone, but need advise from people who know the SEO strateies and process well – that us! We have also learnt from experience the best places to place content for the greatest effect!

We can help you learn how to research the right keywords that are going to bring your traffic, how to optimise your website (on-site and off-site) and then how to find great places all over the internet to promote your website?

Of course, being positioned at the top of Google will always be your aim, although nobody but Google can guarantee position number one. But being highly ranked on Google shouldn’t be the only aim of a good SEO strategy. Other aims from having a quality SEO strategy should include:

1. A better client experience – By creating page titles and descriptions using keywords that your customers are looking for, it’s much simpler for customers to find the content they want. If they can find what they want easily, then it’s more likely they are going to buy.

2. ROI on your website – Many businesses consider their website a written off expense and don’t ever track whether it’s proving its worth. If you’re not already doing it, you can set up tracking to see how many visitors to your site are converting; discover where they’re coming from and how much money your site is making you with free analytic programmes.

3. A better reputation – Make your content (and products) simple to share. Install social sharing buttons on your site or even include tweetables in your content. The more people who share it, the bigger your audience, just watch your reputation grow.

4. Reduce your bounce rate and encourage movement – When somebody comes to your website and then leaves again straight away, nobody has really gained anything from the interaction. By creating internal links and calls to action on most of your pages you can help your customers navigate the site to find what they want and to stay longer without becoming frustrated. Internal links are also highly valued by search engines as their “crawler” will follow them.

5. Level the playing field – Traditionally, it’s been impossible to compete with the big boys in marketing but things have changed. Content marketing, local Lancashire SEO and Social Media mean that a well-crafted campaign can produce huge results at a fraction of the cost. It no longer takes a strategically placed billboard advert to get people’s attention, selecting the right keywords and being smart about where you place content can help your business grow, and quickly.

It’s common place now for consumers to do their own research before approaching a business, and the majority of this is taking place online. This is why we are always talking about solving problems, if the questions they are asking are answered on your site and you’re implementing a good Lancashire SEO strategy, there’s a chance they are coming to you for the answers. Ask yourself this question, if you want to purchase something, who are you more likely to buy from? The site that’s just pushing products and offers, or the knowledgeable site who has helped you come to a decision on whether a product is right for you. I know which one I would go to.

The Benefits of Outsourcing your SEO

Here at DigiEnable we spend a lot of time looking at what’s working and not working in the SEO sector. This means that when we support our clients, we can suggest the most up to date techniques approved by Google. We believe in producing Organic SEO, so will never train you in any processes likely to be penalised by Google. This means that we can train you to gain:

Long Term Rankings

Beat Your Competition – In many sectors, businesses are just waking up to the value of SEO. Starting now will give you the edge over your competitors, making you the business that customers find when searching online.

Increased Sales – It’s basis mathematics, the more people who visit your website, the more potential clients or customers you have. You may want to think more about your sales funnel and what you want them to do when they get there, but they’re never going to convert if you can’t get them onto your site in the first place.

Increased Local (Lancashire SEO) and National Awareness – High quality SEO makes you more visible both locally and nationally – dominate your local market and you can’t fail to attract clients from across the county and country. We can train you in how to select the right keywords to attract the right type of customers you want. There’s no point in targeting the term “cats pillows” if nobody is searching for that term!

Have you ever wondered how many searches are made on Google each year? It’s currently estimated to be more than 2.2 trillion a year, that’s around 5.922 million searches very single day. DigiEnable can help you to tap into this constant stream of potential customers and get them to your place of business. Sure, it’s going to cost you to get to the level that you want to be at, but if you see SEO as an investment you’ll soon be earning more than your spending.

Why invest in Lancashire SEO Training?

Seen loads of people talking about SEO but don’t know where to start. Let DigiEnable help demystify all the processes and jargon, and get you implementing your own Search Engine Marketing strategies!

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