How to craft Quick and Effective PR and Marketing for Your Business

Thanks for taking part in our masterclass! Here you’ll find all the notes from the slides and links to relevant pages.

Define and “Sell” Your Message
• Does it cover all the points?
• Does it engage you?
• What’s most interesting?
• What do you not care about?
• How would you improve it?
• How does your profile online look right now?

Understand your audiences…
• Why
• Who – existing/new?
• What
• How
• When
• Where

Platform Ideas…
• Newspapers and Magazines
• Online versions
• TV and Radio
• Online Hubs
• Members Platforms
Topics, what’s the story?
• What’s the angle?
• Where’s the human interest?
• What’s the impact?
• Why is it relevant to the publication?

Content… Press Release tips…
• Subject Line – PRESS RELEASE:
• Send to the right person
• Third person
• Explain what it is and why
• Cover WWWHWW
• Use your quote wisely
• Include your contact Number (and be available)
• Use “Notes to Editor” if needed
• Attach word doc and mid-res photos with faces and mention if there’s more or higher resolution ones!
• NIB 50-100, Press release 250, Staff article 350-450

Different Platform, Different Copy…
• Target Audience
• Different slant on story
• Consider Deadlines/Dates
• Location relevance
• First/Third Person
• Reference other content?

Your Policy…
Where to share for ripple effects…
• Social Media Platforms
• Email Newsletters
• Personal Contacts (use wisely)
• Business contacts (don’t bombard)
• Press Contacts (be specific)
• Posters/Flyers
• Link up with others/events
• Ask for help?

Which online “friends” to engage?
• Topic based
• Location based
• Other organisations
• Funders/Charities
• Who are your main supporters?
• Nodes to link with?