Social Responsibility

At DigiEnable, we totally believe in give-back, not because some CSR legislation says so (we don’t actually *have* to), but because we believe that everyone should help others out in different ways. We totally believe in karma!

We also believe that we grow as people by getting involved in campaigns, charities and initiatives that can help others – that ultimately helps us as individuals, but also helps DigiEnable, help it’s clients more! A win – win we think!

SR or Social Responsibility has been noted to have 4 distinct themes – Environmental Sustainability, Direct Giving (be that money or a different currency like time), Ethical Business Practices and Economic Sustainability (for example changing your process to incorporate more ethical resources).

So here’s a (by no means definitive) list of what we get upto at DigiEnable – if you’d like to find out more, just get in touch 🙂

Environmental Sustainability

We are “digital by default” and as such regularly reduce our printing and environment impact on paper and ink supplies. We also try and avoid using single-use plastics and recycle any waste where we can.

Direct Giving

We “give” in many ways at DigiEnable. We’ve setup these groups to offer free support to others…

DiverseGeeks Founder and Organisers

Lancashire SEO Meetup Group Founders and Organisers

Chorley Football Club – Business Club and Sponsors

We also spend a lot of our time voluteering for these organisations…

Chair – Chorley FC Community Foundation

Chair – BECTU Womens Equality Committee

Exec Board Member Roles – BECTU Sector Exec, Digital Lancashire

Team Roles – Women In Tech North UK, PSA NW

Previous Roles have also been held at Flock Global, Community Media Association, Lancashire Artists Network

We have also regularly support charities since 2005, but have recently started choosing a “charity of the year”…

Charity of the Year 2019 – Help The Homeless (Chorley)

Charity of the Year 2018 – Dementia Care NW (Chorley)

Other charities we have supported include – Preston Domestic Violence Services, Galloways Society for the Blind, Rosemere Cancer Care, St Catherine’s Hospice, Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Care, Derian House Childrens Charity and Wikipedia.

Ethical Business Practices

We class ourselves as ethical traders, we will never try and sell you something we don’t think you need and/or can benefit from.

Where possible we buy from ethical, sustainable and responsible companies.

We will always keep a look out for good introductions to help our clients and contacts. We do not take any financial gains for these introductions, we do this only when we feel it would be beneficial to all involved.

Economic Sustainability

We try and vet our suppliers, and buy locally from local businesses where possible. This not only keeps more business in the local areas we work in, but also helps reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. As we work nationally, we try and connect our clients up with local-to-you suppliers and contacts.

We regularly review our processes and suppliers, to see if we are being as sustainable as possible.