DigiEnable Tips for Joining Zoom Calls

Top Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Zoom

  1. We prefer you join from a laptop or desktop computer where possible. However, you can join from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For the best user experience, it’s best to use a computer or laptop with a good sized screen.
  2. You get the best audio if you use a headset, but speakers and microphone works fine if you’re in a quiet place.
  3. A camera on your device is nice (it’s easier if we can all see each other) but not essential.
  4. If you’re on a shared internet connection in your office or home, try to limit other people using your bandwidth while you’re on the session. If you are still struggling with a steady connection, switch off your video and go audio-only.
  5. For best results and all the functionality, follow the instructions to download and install the Zoom app, alternatively you can open the link in a browser, but this will mean a limited engagement with some of the features.
  6. You can test out Zoom in advance here: https://zoom.us/test
  7. Free training and documentation is available here: https://zoom.us/livetraining

What To Expect with a DigiEnable Zoom Session

  • When you sign up for a Zoom meeting with us, you’ll receive a LINK and sometimes a PASSWORD via email
  • We would suggest checking your tech setup in advance a day or so before (tip 6)
  • Click the link and open Zoom ready to start the session around 5 minutes before the session start time, to familiarise yourself with your video/audio and screen options
  • Be prepared to stay for the full length of the session, we always aim to finish on time, so please stay till the end as we normally round-up our top tips and share useful links at the end
  • Please join the session with your Video ON and Audio MUTED
  • If you need to step away from the Zoom call at any point please check your Audio is MUTED, and Video is OFF if appropriate
  • If you are in a session with activities, please be ready to join in (it makes for a much better learning experience) – the trainer will either ask you to UNMUTE your microphone to talk to other participants, or type your questions and comments in the CHAT Box
  • With sessions longer than 1 hour, there will be planned in comfort breaks – your trainer will let you know these details and more, in the Online Housekeeping section at the start of the session
  • As much as possible, try and keep your physical and digital environments as distraction-free as possible – try and choose a quite area to sit with your laptop or device, and let others in your working space know that you’d appreciate a quite undisrupted environment, and what time the session will finish. Also try to close down any windows or apps on your devices, and switch your notifications off or to silent where possible, to enable you to fully focus on the session, enabling you to get the most benefit from the learning experience.

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