Become a Scheduling Superstar – Session Notes

Thanks for joining us for our Scheduling Superstar session. Here’s all the notes and useful links to check out.

“By having your schedule at the top of your mind, your calendar acts as a filter against distractions.”

Paul Minors

We tend to overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a week.

Matthew Kelly, The Long View

Let’s normalize not confusing someone’s free time with their availability!!!

@Jaybabi13 X

Track your week… – Note based tracker – automatic devices time tracker

Elements To Track

  • •What activity are you doing?
  • •How are you feeling?
  • •How productive are you in actioning this task   (1-10, 1o being amazing!)
  • •What are your energy levels like?
  • •Ideally, is this the right time to be doing this task?
  • •Is it a “deep work” or “shallow work” task?
  • •Is it strategy, creative or thinking heavy?

Reflection Prompts

What activities do you waste hours per week doing?

What important actions do you need to complete most weeks?
What is not in your schedule that should be?

What do you want your ideal schedule to look like? Why?

Available vs. Busy?

Shared vs. Private Appointments?

Weekly plan? White space?

Batching your time?

Do Not Disturb Time

Soft vs Hard Deadlines

Example Regular Appointments/Tasks

  • Team Meetings
  • External Meetings/Events
  • Calls/Emails/Inboxes
  • Training
  • Planning/Ideas Generation
  • Project Work
  • Writing/Prep
  • Location for the day
  • “Working together” time
  • Deadlines
  • Micro Tasks Time
  • Lunch/Breaks
  • Buffer Time
  • Mop Up/Wrap Up
  • Proactive/Reactive Time
  • Holidays
  • Travel Time
  • Personal Time/BUSY
  • DND Time
  • Call Prep/Follow Up

Hybrid Working Policy?

  • Days in the office?
  • Platforms and comms to use and when?
  • How to share documents?
  • How to keep in touch?
  • How to schedule meetings?
  • Defaults for certain types of meetings (e.g. virtual default team meetings)?
  • What is better in-person?
  • Regular check-ins?
  • Focus on outputs not times?
  • Number of meetings in a day?

Learn Your Chronotype to better optimise your time

Automate Some Bookings

In 2023, Liz’s time-saving stats just by using Calendly were…

343 emails avoided – Based on an estimated 7 emails saved per meeting
13 hours saved – Based on an estimated 15 minutes saved per meeting

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