DigiEnable Testimonials – Purple Property Shop

After a couple of meetings and a proposal, Purple Property Shop enlisted DigiEnable’s SEO services to help get their website found more online.

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke search engine optimisation service, focused around clients needs and targets, and we are always researching, testing and implementing the latest search engine marketing technologies, tips and tweaks for businesses online, so we can help you get ahead of your competitors.

What DigiEnable delivers for Purple Property Shop

As Sally says in her video testimonial, we work with the Purple Property Shop on their Search Engine Optimisation, we always offer a bespoke service to each client, this normally includes…

  • On-Site Search Engine Optimisation – Technical SEO
  • On-Site Content Optimisation
  • Google My Business (GMB) Optimisation
  • Off-Site Optimisation – including the latest techniques around backlinks, guest posting and social signals

What Purple Property Shop Say about DigiEnable

When Sally was asked why Purple Property Shop would recommend DigiEnable she said…

“What I really liked was there were no false promises. We were told it would take a few weeks upto a couple of months to see some movement. The review of our website took place and there were a lot of changes in the background that I think as a company owner, unless you’re IT savvy or you know the background to a website, you don’t really know what’s right or wrong about your website. You think you’ve got a brand new website and actually there were some things that were stopping us from moving up and the good result was…”

“Within about 2 or 3 months we’d already gone onto the first page, which we were celebrating! Then what has happened since then, is that we’ve now gone onto the first position, we’re over the moon, we’re really happy. “

Sally and the team at the Purple Property Shop understand the important of a long-term SEO strategy as part of their marketing plan. Organic SEO isn’t a *quick win* like Paid Search Advertising (PPC) might be, so being patient is a great virtue with SEO, but as you can hear from Sally, you can get great results…

“We’ve got to where we want to be, now we’re working with DigiEnable to stay there.”

Thanks so much to Sally Jones from Purple Property Shop for agreeing to do this video testimonial, which hopefully gives you a flavour of the type of results our bespoke SEO services can deliver for your business. As Sally said, she only wishes she’d started working with us sooner, so if you or your teams need support with any of your search engine marketing, please do contact us and let us know, then together we can help grow your business online! 

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