Making Awesome Presentations for Zoom and MS Teams

Thanks for joining us for our session! Here’s all the notes an relevant links we shared…

Why might you use presentations?

  • •Trainer
  • •Educator/Teacher
  • •Facilitator
  • •Discussion lead
  • •Mentor
  • •Coach
  • •Advisor
  • •Industry Expert
  • •Shadowing
  • •Demoing
  • •Role Play
  • •Peer to Peer
  • •Appraisals

Components of The Learning Process

  • •Attention
  • •Memory
  • •Language
  • •Processing and organizing
  • •Graphomotor (writing)
  • •Higher order thinking

Fleming’s VAK Model

  • •Visual
  • •Auditory
  • •Kinaesthetic

Tools for VAK

  • •Visual – Demos, images, screenshots, videos, diagrams, handouts, mindmaps, take aways.
  • •Auditory – Audible explanations, repeated in different ways, audio alongside demos, stories, quotes, phrases, acronyms, read out text, songs.
  • •Kinaesthetic – hands-on practical, case studies, practical uses, demo and repeat, follow-me, patterns.

Accessibility for VAK

  • •Visual – Audio Descriptions, Colour Paper/Filters, Diagrams , Easy Read
  • •Auditory – Subtitles, Closed Captions, BSL, Language Translations, Volumes,  Music removal
  • •Kinaesthetic – Handouts, takeaways, demo videos, follow-up 121s

Online Presentations Platforms

PowerPoint –

Google Slides –

Canva –

Accessibility Tools,Accessibility%20window%20on%20your%20editor (File>View Settings)

Engagement Tools

Mentimeter –

Whiteboard and Post-Its –

Top Zoom and MS Teams Features

  • •Pin/spotlight modes
  • •Whiteboards
  • •Icon reactions
  • •Advanced sharing options – screens, files, audio only

Zoom Top Feature – Advanced Share Options

MS Teams Top Feature – sharing Gifs in Chat