Ethical Socials Session Notes

Thanks for joining our session! Here you’ll find the notes and links from the slides and the resources we mentioned…

What is “ethical socials”?

Social media platforms, usage and communities, where ethics are at the core of all content and communications.

Liz Hardwick

Social Media Concerns…

•Spread of misinformation

•Personal tracking

•Privacy concerns

•Worker exploitation




•Explicit content

•Copyright content

•Reach limitations

•Algorithm bias

•Hidden identities

•Terms of use/Code of conduct

Ethical Socials Options

•Utilising privacy features of the existing big platforms

•Closed Socials Chat Tools

•Popular Ethical Social Platforms

•Creating your own platforms

How ethical people this socials are –,platforms%20according%20to%20their%20users.

Existing Platform resources…

X (formerly Twitter) – Protected Tweets and Private Lisks

Facebook – Private and Invisible groups

Reddit – Private and Invite-only sub-reddits

Closed Social Chat Tools

Disappearing messages, encrypted chats, block screenshots, voice notes

Facebook Messenger






Popular Ethical Social Platforms

What are Decentralized social media platforms –

Self-Hosted Social Servers