Digital Skills for Leaders Overview Session Notes

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This is an overview of the 5 session programme –

Stats on Digital Skills

59% of the UK don’t have all the relevant digital skills for work!

*“93% of UK businesses say there is an IT skills gap”
*“42% of these businesses say the problem is due to the fast pace of technological advancements.”
*“training and development issues are cited as an issue, with 41% of businesses pointing to a lack of training opportunities.”
*With that in mind, businesses in 2024 will need to put more focus on digital skills strategies in order to meet the need that is there.

OnePoll, 2023

What will your digital skills strategy be?

  • Reviewing your workflows
  • •Number of tools/platforms?
  • •What does each one do?
  • •Who has access? Who needs access?
  • •Does it work on Mac/iOS, Windows, Android?
  • •What is paper based that could be digital?
  • •Are there duplicate functions?
  • •Can you reduce the data captured?
  • •Can you reduce the number of steps?
  • •Any new tools that would help? Automation?

Expert and Authority for your industry = Thought Leadership

60% of decision-makers said thought leadership convinced them to buy a product or service they weren’t previously considering. 72% of the decision, 65% read thought leadership. (Linkedin)

Know Like Trust

Owned, Earned, Paid

Keywords are Key

3 Areas of Digital Marketing Focus

  • 1.Brand Awareness & Future Leads
  • 2.New Sales & Customers
  • 3.Existing Client Retention & Future Sales

How do I turn Online activity into Traffic and Sales?

  • Tell people what you do and the problem you solve
  • Create partnerships and reciprocal promotions
  • Elaborate on your website and direct “for further info”
  • Focus on your search marketing and voice

Digital Skills for Teams

  • •Digital Champions in your Workplace
  • •Skills Audits
  • •Buddy Programmes
  • •
  • •National Digital Inclusion Network

Example simple digital skills audit – (sections 2 and 4 for downloadables)

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