Why Guest Blogging Could Be the Key to Increasing Your Audience

Guest blogging or guest posting is one powerful tool used by successful online marketers to drive traffic to a website and increase a brand’s audience.

But what exactly is guest posting and how can it help increase your brand’s audience?

Guest posting is putting content on another blog. It can work either way — you post your content on a popular and related blog, or you invite a popular blogger to post on your own website.

Guest blogging can be used in different ways. First, it can help build your authority on a particular subject. For example, if you are a personal trainer, you can increase your credibility by posting helpful tips on relevant websites, like those that focus on health and wellness.

Guest posting may also be used in growing an email list. Typically, when someone posts on another blogger’s page, his bio is displayed at the end of the post. Here, you can put a link to your website or a specific landing page.

Guest posting is also used as a component of a promotional marketing campaign. For example, if you are launching a new product or service, you can reach out to relevant bloggers in your industry and request that they post your content about your new product or service.

Why is guest posting a critical component of building online influence? Here are three key reasons.

1 – Relationship building

Successful blogs rely on quality content. And if you are able to provide relevant content to another person’s or business’s blog, you add value and build a relationship with other bloggers.

Bloggers have a considerable amount of online influence and often shape online conversations. This simply means that you can leverage that online influence to grow your own audience for your blog.

2 – SEO benefit

When you put a link of your website on your bio for your guest post, it creates a backlink that search engines use to assess the value of your blog. In short, guest posting can complement your search engine optimisation efforts.

3 – Reach new people

The greatest advantage of guest posting is that it allows you to reach a new community. And if your guest post provides value, you can convert this community into your followers.

4 – Finding guest blogging opportunities

If you are new to guest posting, you cannot immediately target more popular blogs. Instead, you have to start with highly targeted niche blogs which have built a solid reputation in your industry. While these blogs may not have a considerably high number of visitors and social media followers, they do attract highly targeted audiences which are likely to convert.

From there, you can work your way toward reaching out to more popular blogs.

One key thing to remember before reaching out to other bloggers is that you have to have quality content on your own blog. When you are reaching out to other bloggers, they would like to see that your content fits their own website.

How can you find blogs to post your content on? You can start by performing an online search for blogs that accept guest posts. Another technique that you can use is to check out where influential bloggers in your industry submit guest posts. Alternatively, you can check the newsfeed of these bloggers. Usually, when an influential blogger does a guest post, he or she provides a link to the guest post on his or her social media accounts.

Finally, you can check the comments section of your blog. Some bloggers comment on other bloggers’ sites and leave a link to their own website. The advantage of this approach is that these bloggers already know who you are, making it easier to make a pitch.

I really enjoy regular guest blogging on other people’s websites, it’s fun to think about the new audiences you could attract the attention of, but also learn about other people (and bloggers) out there too. If you’re all about connecting with people in the real world, why not try it online via blogging too?!

My favourite blog post I’ve done so far, has to be for the “Bassass+Living” website, I shared my top 5 tips for people starting a business… I wish I’d know when I did! You can find out more about the guest post on my website at Badass Startup Tips – Liz Hardwick

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  1. Ross Hori

    One thing you can do when you reach out to other bloggers is to set up a specific part of your own website that speaks to the blogger. Rather like a landing page you can highlight specific articles that demonstrate your writing skills or the relevancy of your content.

    It’s easily done in WordPress and quite effective too.

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