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It’s very easy to take being able to use the internet and basic computer programmes for granted, but there are still large numbers of the UK population who can’t take full advantage of IT. The courses below are aimed at beginners and are perfect for community organisations and charities that are supporting people to build their IT skills.  


Beginner Level IT Skills

Are you looking to introduce a group to computing and digital skills for the first time? Whether computing is completely new or you’re looking for a refresher course, DigiEnable has a range of workshops, which covers word processing (Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer), spreadsheets (Excel or OO calc), presentations and understanding the internet. Get in touch for more information and we can help start people out on their Digital Journey.


Welcome to Wikipedia

This workshop gives you the knowledge and skills to be able to write and edit pages on any topic you could imagine, on this collaborative online platform. This workshop will cover how to explore the vast portals of this open-source encyclopedia and learn how to write and edit pages, in a legal and formatted way. It’s suitable for those who've never used Wikipedia before, and those who have but now want to take the further step and become a contributor.


Social Media for Employability

This series of workshops covers the best social media platforms to gain a great online presence to share with potential employers, how to use the platforms efficiently and how to use social media to look for jobs. This is suitable for those who haven't used social media before, and those who have but want to focus on using these platforms for employability.


HTML and CSS Coding

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the language which supports web pages across the world, but to many, it just looks like a collection of random words, numbers and colours. This workshop will start you on a journey to understanding how to read html, write your own basic code, learn how CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can make your code pretty, and give you lots of hints and tips on how to continue your learning once the session has ended.


Boosting Your Productivity with Processes and Apps

Did you know that the average person spends 13 hours a week looking at and responding to emails? Moreover, if you’re distracted from the task, it takes around 16 minutes to refocus on what you were doing. The Pareto principle argues that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. By optimising the way you work, and introducing productivity workflows, it’s possible to achieve more in less time, and avoid those costly distractions. In this super-productive workshop we will look at some of the most popular productivity hacks and explore the top apps that can make you a productivity ninja, while improving your work/life balance.


Optimising Websites for Lead Generation

The first step when generating leads online is to get your prospects to your website, rather than one belonging to your competitor. Now your potential customers are on your website, the next stage begins…conversion. This workshop will look at some of the most popular and the most successful techniques for converting website visitors into leads, including optimising your contact forms, using convincing CTA’s (calls to action) and how to get the most from your layout. We will also look at how to create pages with website traffic in mind. You will leave this workshop with a stronger understanding of how to get customers to your website, and the lead generation strategies that will work for your business.


SEO made simple – The Key to Being Found Online

It’s almost impossible to rank on Google for anything apart from your business name without some form of SEO strategy. Around 83% of all search engine traffic is driven by good SEO, with the remaining 17% from paid adverts. Research has found that ranking on search engines implies to the buyer that you’re a business to be trusted, but how does it all work? This workshop will examine both onsite and offsite SEO, we will examine what makes a good linking strategy and the important role Social Media plays in SEO. We will also show you some free and simple tools that can be used to find out what your customers are already searching for.


Build a Website in a Day

Almost half of the businesses in the UK are still without websites. With more people turning to Google to find the services and products, they are looking for many of these businesses that are missing the opportunities to be found. Having a website for your business or organisation means that you have the ability to communicate and promote your services 24 hours a day and to the entire world, but many worry about the expense and expertise required to get started online. This one day WordPress Training workshop is designed to give complete beginners the skills they need to build and manage a website using the WordPress content management system.


Understanding Analytics

This course takes you through the world of analytics in detail, focusing on increasing your understanding and ability to use analytics tools and interpret data in order to promote your work more effectively and to a wider audience online. It will focus on free Google/Facebook and Twitter analytics, but include other online resources available.


Setting your Stall out Online – A beginners guide to e-commerce

It is currently estimated that 95% of UK computer users make purchases online, spending in excess of £100 billion a year. If you’ve got something to sell and you’ve not yet considered setting up an online shop, you could be missing out on a 24/7 audience who are looking for products like yours. A good e-commerce website isn’t cheap but there are some more cost-effective ways to start your journey as an online retailer. This workshop will look at how some businesses have used online marketplaces to build their business, while others have found success on paid for platforms which take the hassle out of money handling. Whether you’re looking at a new business idea, or a way to make a little extra on the side this course will give you the confidence to make it happen.