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DigiEnable have supported many projects with housing associations, charities and government initiatives to get more of the UK population online. We have lots of experience with running these sort of workshops with disadvantaged and minorities groups, such as LGBT+ and Womens groups. The below workshops gives a brief introduction to some of this work, but if you would like to know more, please get in touch and let’s arrange a chat. 


Digital Champions

In these workshops we will investigate what it is to be a Digital Champion and why this role is so important in a society where those who are digitally engaged often access more opportunities that those who don’t. We will look at the most common questions asked of Digital Champions and explore a number of useful websites and links which give access to information, free training, ways of saving money and opportunities reduce isolation and expand social circles. The workshop will also cover some of the basics of internet security, web safety and personal protection which is vital for those getting online for the first time. There will be opportunity to put your newly learnt skills into practice and become a Digital Champion. A handy guide to online resources which will be useful when helping members of the public get online.


Basic IT Skills

A series of workshops which cover topics such as what the parts of a computer are and how to use them correctly, basics of word processing and spreadsheets, and how to use the internet and stay safe online. This course not only covers the technical skills but works on confidence building and soft skills for participants involved.