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DigiEnable offers high-quality, award-winning training, delivered by qualified trainers and industry experts, this service is much much more than a simple webinar, it is interactive and engaging training, using an online medium as an alternative to face-to-face training. 

Here's a range of our off-the-shelf training, crafted to be delivered online via video platforms such as Zoom, Skype, MS Teams and more (our preference is Zoom, but happy to chat further about your needs). Helping you offer your delegates, service users and teams training, without needing to get together in person. Please note: These workshops will have less content that the face-to-face delivery versions, as more time is needed to manage the workshop activities online.

Scheduling for the Hybrid Workplace

Are you now working a mixture of in-person, virtual and hybrid now and finding it hard to keep up with the whens and wheres? If you're in a team are you also finding it hard to know when it's ok to contact them? If you work alone are you finding it hard to focus when you need to? Then how you schedule is key!

In this interactive workshop with DigiEnable, we will look at how to optimise your schedule with a variety of different productivity techniques, understand why chronotypes matter for when you do things, how to optimise your schedule for hybrid working routines and how to make sure you still focus on time for yourself.

Introduction to Canva

Social Media sites are becoming increasingly intelligent with reports suggesting that the use of stock images may be hampering the all-important "reach" for small businesses. Creating unique images is a must, however many business owners find themselves in the unenviable position of not having the budget to outsource, nor the time to learn how to use programmes such as Photoshop. Well, there's a solution, and it goes by the name of Canva. 
Join DigiEnable for this online and interactive seminar which will not only introduce you to the custom creation platform, but how to take full advantage of some of its most commonly used features to ensure you're standing out above your competition. Whatever sector you're in, you're going to benefit from better imagery, in less time. 

Intro to Video Production On-The-Go using Videoshop

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video can tell ten thousand more. People are now accessing video everywhere, whether it’s on their televisions, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, the impact which comes from storytelling through video is unrivalled. However, many people shy away from using the ever-growing medium due to the perceived difficulty of creating good-looking video content.

The good news for aspiring video makers is that it no longer requires expensive pieces of kit, a trailer full of tripods, and a costly film crew, to record and edit quick videos aimed at communicating your message with an online audience. This session will show you how to shoot and edit quality videos using nothing more than your mobile phone, and free app, VideoShop. 
So download the app now, before the session from and then join us to learn how to effectively get your message across via video.

Generating High Quality Leads for Your Business

Ask someone how you can generate leads for your business, and you’ll be presented with every option from new websites to business networking… and they’re all absolutely right. But as a business owner your time is limited and you need to finding the option that gives you not only the best bang for your buck, but can be working, even when you’re not.
In this session with DigiEnable, we will examine what a working lead generation funnel looks like, and the tools available to simplify the process. We will also discuss the key pieces of data, and how to manage them, which will not only increase your conversion rates but reduce the number of calls you need to take in the process.


SEO Made Simple - The Key To Being Found Online

It’s almost impossible to rank on Google for anything apart from your business name without some form of SEO strategy. Around 83% of all search engine traffic is driven by good SEO, with the remaining 17% from paid adverts. Research has found that ranking on search engines implies to the buyer that you’re a business to be trusted, but how does it all work? 
In this session with DigiEnable, we will examine both onsite and offsite SEO, we will check out what makes a good linking strategy and the important role Social Media plays in SEO. We will also show you some free and simple tools that can be used to find out what your customers are already searching for.

Setting Your Stall Out Online (A Beginners Guide to eCommerce)

It is currently estimated that 95% of UK computer users make purchases online, spending in excess of £100 billion a year. If you’ve got something to sell and you’ve not yet considered setting up an online shop, you could be missing out on a 24/7 audience who are looking for products like yours. A good e-commerce website isn’t cheap but there are some more cost-effective ways to start your journey as an online retailer. 
In this session with DigiEnable, we will look at how some businesses have used online marketplaces to build their business, while others have found success on paid for platforms which take the hassle out of money handling. Whether you’re looking at a new business idea, or a way to make a little extra on the side this session will give you the confidence to make it happen.

Getting Set Up On Shopify

Shopify is one of the top global eCommerce platforms for selling your goods and services. With nearly 4 million global businesses using the platform and over 50% of those sellers getting repeat customers, it's a platform with some serious clout, and a tool that can enable you to sell while you sleep!
In this session with DigiEnable, we will look at how to set up a Shopify shop, create new items for sale, and get to grips with the sales and marketing tools included in the package. 
*Please note Shopify is a paid-for package with a 14 day trial available. We will utlise the free trial in this session so you can decide if it's right for you and your business. For more info on pricings of Shopify check out 

Saving Your Time Scheduling With Calendly

Calendly is one of the most popular scheduling platforms and helps you arrange both in-person and online meetings with ease. Using a tool like Calendly, can save you upto 3 hours each week. It's a great way to reduce the number of to-and-fro emails to arrange appointments and can link in with all your calendars, Zoom accounts and other video conferencing platforms, and even take payments online. 
In this session with DigiEnable, we will look at how to setup your free version of Calendly, how to link it with your exiting calendars and apps, along with getting to grips with the different types of "appointments" and how to best utilise the options available. 

Social Selling for Businesses

Social selling includes a range of techniques and tools to nurture your relationships with your current clients and customers, and build conversations and rapport with your soon-to-be new ones. With over 4.6 billion people worldwide using social media and it now becoming the most popular online activity, it's a sales strategy not to ignore. 
In this session with DigiEnable, we will look at the different ways to interact with your online communities, what options are available to sell directly on the top social media platforms, and how to make it easier to sell your products and services via socials. 

Email Marketing for Beginners

E-Mail marketing is still the preferred and most effective method of customers hearing about your services, and the average ROI for emails is 4,200% (yes thousands!), making it one of the most effective sales and marketing strategies out there. 
In this session with DigiEnable, we will look at how to plan and deliver effective email-marketing campaigns, how to monitor and respond to the results of those campaigns and make it a regular part of your overall strategy. We will examine the various options available to help achieve your targets and understand the dos and don'ts to reach those ideal customers' inboxes. 

Social Media Video from your Smartphone, preparing your business for the year of Tik Tok…

As of last year, 9 out of 10 adults in the UK owned a smartphone, but do you feel you’re using it to its full potential? We’ve come a long way since the days of Nokia 3310’s and spending hours playing Snake. The modern smartphone is much more than just a computer in your pocket. It’s a communication tool, and video camera, a podcasting tool and more. In fact, more recent Social Platforms such as Tik-Tok, are almost exclusively populated by smartphones and tablet created content, meaning that little device you have in your pocket is key to your entire content marketing strategy.
In this session with DigiEnable, we will give you everything you need to make full use of your smartphone, launch a Tik-Tok channel and create your first video. If you think Tik-Tok is all dance trends and young people, you couldn’t be more wrong! With the number of users expected to reach 10 million in the UK by the end of this year, it’s a platform that businesses cannot afford to ignore. 


Intro to OpenShot Video Editor

With an estimated 80% of internet usage now being spent watching videos, being able to capture and create content is becoming one of the most useful transferable skills in the workplace. But where do you start? It’s not a good idea to dive straight in and spend hundreds of pounds on the latest editing software, without getting your head around the editing process first. That’s why we recommend Open-Shot Video Editor, a free open-source video editor that will allow you to hone your skills. OpenShot is a timeline-style video editor, so great for those with a little prior experience who want to take the next steps in their beginners journey with video editing. 

This session explors the basic functions (as well as a few advanced tips and tricks) of this desktop-based video editing software. Download the latest version before the session from to your desktop computer or laptop, and start creating attention-grabbing content within minutes. 

Intro to Audio Editing with Audacity

When people hear the word “free”, they often confuse it with “basic”. However, in the case of free audio editing software, Audacity, it’s anything but basic, offering advanced audio editing solutions at no cost to the user. But you may be asking yourself why you would want to know how to edit audio. Well, how about podcasting, work meetings, focus groups, interviews, business updates, disability-friendly formats…you name it, being able to effectively edit audio can help you get your message across in a more professional and accessible manner.

At first glance, the platform can look daunting, but this session will guide you through the most important functions, as well as share tips and tricks to get the most from your audio. Download the software ahead of the session from and join us to learn how using audio effectively can give your message the added umph it may need to really make people pay attention. 


Staying Productive when Working From Home

When working remotely, from home, or in an unusual office setup, you can regularly have your focus diverted by both external and internal distractions. If you’re distracted when working on a task, it takes around 16 minutes to refocus on what you were doing. In this live online seminar we will cover how to reduce distractions in your workspace and top workflows and system that can help you keep productive. 


Getting The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing (Even in Challenging Times) / How Social Media can help your Business Navigate Challenging Times

In times of isolation and restrictions, communication becomes an even more important aspect of business. We are lucky that technology and the internet allows workers to be home-based and still communicate on a regular basis, but many businesses are already letting the all-important communication with existing and potential customers start to slip. In this session we will look at a number of techniques your business could employ to make use of Digital Marketing to keep relationships fresh, reach out to potential new customers and become a leader at a time when many are backing away from marketing their business.


Basic Zoom Call and Presentation Training for Online

Learn the basics of the online video conferencing platform, increase your confidence when attending and hosting meetings, and learn some top tips to make your presentations and conversations flow with ease. 


Using Zoom To Keep Your Business Alive

By the end of March 2020 Zoom had reached 65 million downloads in Europe alone! Suddenly the video conferencing programme that was designed as an enterprise business solution, is now a platform being used by pretty much everyone for keeping in touch with family and friends, as well as clients and colleagues. But, do you understand its full potential, and more importantly how to ensure a smooth and professional experience for those looking to utilise your services?
Join DigiEnable for this online and interactive seminar to learn top tips for using Zoom, and put to bed some of those pesky security fears you may have come across in the news. It’s entirely possible that you could be running your client meetings, sales presentations and more online via Zoom, in a stress-free and (dare we say) even enjoyable way!


Zoom For Trainers Training (Train the Trainer on Zoom)

If you're an existing trainer or speaker, and you've taught yourself the basics of Zoom (or you've so far only been a participant in Zoom calls), then this is the training session for you. 
Learn what features and functions you can use in Zoom to help keep that engagement and range of activities in your training sessions. Get to grips with Zoom's advanced settings and options (and what's switched off by default you'll need to switch on) and get hands-on learning with live demos and practice time, bespoke to your needs. 
As trainers ourselves with over 200+ hours of training delivery online via Zoom, you're in good hands.


Using Technology to Organise and Optimise your Remote Working Team

Managing your team via online and want to help boost everyone's productivity? In the workshop we will look at what tools are out there, and what you might be currently using, how you can maintain the informal and formal ways of communication and help bring cohesion to a remote working team that might not meet that often in person.


Optimising Digital Workflow for Boosting Business Productivity (Prev. Productivity Hacks for Running a Better Business)

With productivity levels of businesses decreasing year on year, it can be hard to find enough time to get everything done in the time that you have. With digital tools and technologies in the balance of being help or distraction, this session will help you refocus with productivity hacks that will help your business move forwards. In this session we will share their Top Hacks to streamline your business’ digital processes, how to analyse and optimise your current workflows, and how to review and reboot your systems to enable technology to work harder for you.


Digital Project Management Tools to Support Your Business

With a variety of popular project management processes used in the business world, it’s shocking to hear that only 39% of project succeed, on time and within budget. It can be a struggle to run a project from concept to finish line, and keep on track of all those different tasks, milestones and goals you have for multiple projects, services or products at any one time. In this session we will share with us the Top Digital Project Management platforms and apps, how you can ulitise them to streamline your processes, delegating and managing your teams, and which are best used for the different styles of project management for business owners and leaders.


Email Management and ZenForInbox for Increasing Productivity and Workflow (Especially for busy people)

Feel like all you ever do at work is emails? On average we spend 16 hours a week in our inbox! In this session we will look at how to get to grips with our current inbox situation, workflows to put in place to manage your inbox with ease, and tips to help keep on top of ZenForInbox in future.


Tips and Apps for your Online Office

Always on-the-go and need to easily keep your business processes running and/or your clients and team happy? Then join our friends at DigiEnable for this session covering Top Tips and Apps to make that happen. We’ll be looking at how you could streamline your pitches, quotes and invoicing with digital tools, how to get your “second brain” working for you, and some free-to-use tools that can make your business communications quicker, more modern, and dare we even say fun!


Microsoft 365 Teams – Managing Workflows and Remote Team Communications

Want to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how it can help increase your team's productivity and communications? This workshops will look at best practices, suggest workflows and help you get the most out of this under-utlised platform for businesses.


Inro To Office 365 (Now know as Microsoft 365)

With an increase in usage of Microsoft Teams by 40% during 2020 lockdowns, it is no surprise that more businesses have then gone onto utilise the wider package of Microsoft 365 for their businesses. Office 365 (now known as Microsoft 365) offers a hybrid online and offline solution for your business needs, enabling you to keep your business running digitally, with increased security, connectivity and shared storage for your teams.
Join DigiEnable for this online and interactive seminar for an overview of the programmes and features within Office 365, some top tips to increase your digital workflows, and share some of the latest Office 365 apps to help you run your business on the move, even easier.




Participants Feedback


As with all DigiEnable training - face to face or online - our feedback is usually very high on quality, take aways and impact. We pride ourselves as qualified trainers, who make sure all learning styles are covered, levels of learning are matched with the learners and session objectives and all sessions are engaging and need we say it... fun! With our no nonsense, no-jargon approach DigiEnable session are inclusive and enable learners to engage in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. 

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What Else Can DigiEnable Help With?

DigiEnable are creating, designing and re-designing training sessions, masterclasses, webinars, and presentations or a regular basis. If you don't see what you need in this list, please do get in touch as we also offer bespoke training options too. If we cant help, we usually know someone who can!