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Here's a range of our off-the-shelf training, crafted to be delivered online via video platforms such as Zoom, Skype, MS Teams and more. Helping you offer you delegates and teams training, without needing to get together in person. Please note: These workshops will have less content that the face-to-face delivery versions, as more time is needed to manage the workshop activities online.

Staying Productive when Working From Home


Social Media for Business


Content Marketing – Blogging Your Way to Profit


Boosting Your Productivity with Processes and Apps




Creating a Digital Strategy That Works


Maximising your online Presence and Developing a Strategy


Producing Video with Smart Devices


SEO made simple – The Key to Being Found Online


Using Technology to Organise and Optimise your Remote Working Team

Managing your team via online and want to help boost everyone's productivity? In the workshop we will look at what tools are out there, and what you might be currently using, how you can maintain the informal and formal ways of communication and help bring cohesion to a remote working team that might not meet that often in person.


Email Management and Inbox Zero for Increasing Productivity and Workflow

Feel like all you ever do at work is emails? On average we spend 16 hours a week in our inbox! In this workshops we will look at how to get to grips with our current inbox situation, workflows to put in place to manage your inbox with ease, and tips to help keep on top of an inbox zero in future.


Microsoft 365 Teams – Managing Workflows and Remote Team Communications

Want to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how it can help increase your team's productivity and communications? This workshops will look at best practices, suggest workflows and help you get the most out of this under-utlised platform for businesses.


How Social Media can help your Business Navigate Challenging Times

In times of isolation and restrictions, communication becomes an even more important aspect of business. We are lucky that technology and the internet allows workers to be home-based and still communicate on a regular basis, but many businesses are already letting the all-important communication with existing and potential customers start to slip. In this workshop we will look at number of techniques your business could employ to make use of Social Media to keep relationships fresh, reach out to potential new customers and become a leader at a time when many are backing away from marketing their business.