Putting Romance back into your Online Marketing

Do you do all you can for your clients? Get to know them, like they were your best friend?

This is a great way to understand their needs, their pain points and more importantly how what you can do can help them as much as possible.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, large or small, services or products driven, everything at the heart of what you do should be your clients, customers or service users!

Liz and Darren recently ran a seminar for the local business network, (if you missed it, it was a corker!) where the focus was on how to put the Romance back into your on...

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Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing – Which Is Best For Your Business?

In the past, businesses would have just three options for promoting their brand or products: radio, TV, or print adverts. Today, companies also need to utilise another platform to market their brand: the Internet.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

When it comes to online or Internet marketing, there are two options you can choose from: inbound and outbound.

Inbound marketing, also known as permission marketing, uses techniques and strategies that allow customers to know about a particular business. They usually come in the form ...

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Simple Ways to Start Email Marketing

In today's digital marketing environment, companies can engage and communicate with their target audiences in multiple ways. You can promote your business through your website, a blog, in social media networks, or on a person's mobile device. Because it has become the norm for people to spend several hours each day online, brands take advantage of this opportunity to push their presence as much as possible to ensure that they get the public's attention.


This, however, can cause people to tune out all the digital noise when they become constantly bombarded with ads...

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How Multimedia can make your Content Marketing Rock

“Buy me.” How many innovative and creative ways can your business communicate this simple yet utterly crucial message — without bombarding your target market with it?

The answer lies in multimedia.

With multimedia, you get to combine a variety of formats to communicate your message. You can use stunning graphics, brilliant videos, eye-catching infographics, beautiful images, engaging audio, and for businesses that have mastered it, the interactive multimedia format.

With a remarkable mix of innovative and creative tools integrated into your content market...

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Connecting your Online and Offline Networking Strategies

Today's businesses have a wider range of networking and marketing tools and opportunities at their disposal. In much earlier times, consumers could only learn about new brands or new products and services from conventional media sources: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV commercials, and printed advertisements like posters and billboards.

On top of these, they could also visit the brand's physical store, or any other brick-and-mortar establishment that carries their products, to actually talk to their sales representatives and find out more about (or finally experience) the offerin...

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What's the point in a Twitter account?

It’s amazing how many projects we work on at the moment which aren’t particularly social media focussed, but we end up running an impromptu session for the people we are working with. A couple of months ago it happened again. We have been spending some time at a community radio station in the South East, working alongside staff and volunteers to develop the stations offer to everyone involved. I always love visiting various community stations and can virtually guarantee that regardless of whether it’s based on a geographical community, a community of faith or a mutual love of fishing ...

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