Produce Engaging Photography with your Smart Devices

Do you carry a smart device in your pocket or bag pretty much all day everyday? Then you could be using this vital tool to help with your marketing and digital storytelling for your business or organisation!


A smart phone or tablet can help you take photos, videos, edit them, add text, make them look all shiny and engaging and share with your clients, customers, supporters and the world. Awesome hey?! But you might need a bit of a hand getting those images as good as possible, with the tech you have to hand. Here’s where we can help.



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(Boosting your Brand with Visual Marketing - DigiEnable Workshop at #SMConf2016

First off, thanks for your interest in DigiEnable! 

If you came to our workshop at The Social Media Conference 2016 in Manchester, we hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully this page will serve as a reminder of the things we'd recommend with visual marketing and the links to the sites and apps. 

For those of you who couldn't make it it'll hopefully serve as a taster of the workshop and the topics we talked about.

If you need any further info, just email us at

Session Plan

•How visual marketing is a great eng...
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Using Digital Storytelling to make a Connection

From the stories told during campfires to the fairy tales mums tell their children during bedtime or even to the light banter shared by co-workers during break time, it is no understatement to say that people are drawn to stories.

Storytelling is an integral aspect of being human – being curious about other people and knowing that one's experiences are akin to the experiences of others. Stories enable both the speaker and the listener to establish a connection.

Digital storytelling is no different. Indeed, today's storytellers have a wide array of tools to make their n...

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