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DigiEnable have been running social media, digital media and streaming services coverage for events for over 10 years and love helping clients out live at conferences and events across the UK. 

DigiEnable can help you get the most out of your event, widen your online reach for those not at the event and have FOMO (fear of missing out), and can hopefully assist in converting into future customers and clients. 

Our team here at DigiEnable can help you plan your event with Social Media Coverage in mind, and can be on-hand on the day/evening/days of your event for planned and ad-hoc live and in-situ event coverage. We can work off a planned schedule of events and speakers, and we can also cover "live reporter" style capturing the essence of the event for the whole world to see.

As with all of our services at DigiEnable, we are always willing to have an informal chat about how we could help, and can offer bespoke services catered for you and your clients. So please do just give us a shout! :)


Building an online reputation takes time, and while you're running your conference or event, there's ususally little time to dedicate to pushing out the content online and interacting online with attendees there in person - that's where we come in. We can be your social media team for the duration of your event, produce interesting content and updates, engage and interact with those in attendance and those following along online (both at the event and elsewhere). We offer a bespoke service which can work around your event, participants and venue, alongside your marketing targets and schedule. 

DigiEnable's Best Practices for Social Media Events Coverage Include...

  • Using an event hashtag throughout 
  • Use of relevant emojis, memes and gifs depending on audience and topics
  • Adding extra hashtags (and sometimes creating new ones) to assist in reaching new and wider audiences
  • Creation of images, graphics, memes and where relevant video clips to share online
  • Fielding event Q&As
  • Engaging in online conversations about your event with a wide variety of online segments
  • Managing Q&As for the speakers/exhibitors/workshop leaders
  • Creation and Management of Twitter Walls and Leaderboards
  • Capturing exhibition stalls and/or stands, their brand, people and products/services
  • Produce post-event reports and statistics to better understand your audiences and target markets for next time


We can also help you with your social media management pre-event, and post-event remotely or in-person. 


For more information about how we can help promote your event, please do contact us at