Are you social listening in the Dark?

First off, let’s explain what “social listening” actually is.

If you’re using social media, chances are you have your notifications switched on, and are only checking and answering private messages if you get an alert. Then you’re social monitoring.


To get to social listening, you need to go much further, and deeper.

The aim of the game with social listening is analysing conversations, reflection and understanding, tracking conversations and sentiments around words/themes/brands.

This is s...

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DigiEnable Podcast - October 2019

DigiEnable Podcast Show Notes for October 2019

1. Google’s “September 2019 Core Update”

It’s seems long gone are the days where google names is search algorithm updates fun names!

This includes better options to preview your structured data in the search console, meaning more control of your search listing display.

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Using Snapchat for Business

Recently we were invited to speak on a webinar for retail business owners, about the benefits of Snapchat, reaching 6.2million people in UK and having 190 million daily active users, it’s worth taking a look at.

Snapchat is renowned for being a platform where young people spend most of their time. When you think about how most of their parents will be on Facebook, it makes sense they’d want to be somewhere different.

Stats have stayed similar since it’s launch in 2011, with 90% of Snapcha...

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Geeks get-together to Support Charities with Digital

It’s probably shocking to hear that only 14% of charities say that their social media use is very integrated within the organisations’ fundraising strategy, however the technology is making it easier and easier to use digital tools to fundraise, but who’s there to help them?

Digital training and services company, DigiEnable and it’s non-profit arm DiverseGeeks are trying to support local charities and non-profits to harness technologies to help them fundraise, communicate internally and externally, and share their stories with the world.

After many years of runni...

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How to Sell and Engage with different Generations (Gen X, Y & Z)

Millennials are challenging the way businesses across the world do business. If businesses don’t change the traditional buyer-seller relationship, businesses will die.

It sounds like a sweeping click-bait headline, but the research is there and if businesses don’t “move with the times” they will die out, along with their increasing aging client population.

This of course, won’t happen immediately, but if you think about how you can future-proof the way you sell and communicate with your clients and customers, you will save yourself future stress further down th...

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From Bobble Hat to Board – DigiEnable takes next step in Chorley FC partnership

As the 2019/20 Football seasons start to get underway, DigiEnable have taken their partnership with Chorley FC to a new level, including pitch side sponsorship and becoming more active “behind the scenes” at the National League Club.

It was only 18 months ago, DigiEnable co-founder Liz Hardwick attended a business networking event at the club as an opportunity to meet new businesses in the Chorley area. A regular feature of the “Magpies Business Network” is a prize draw in which Chorley FC merchandise is given away to the winners. Liz Hardwick’s card was drawn, and the r...

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DigiEnable Podcast - July 2019

Show Notes

1. The website went offline… many times last month

16 million website properties went offline last week as Cloudflare is hit by a DDoS attack. Then Google cloud ad iCloud went down too.

Google cloud holds platforms like Discord, Snap and Vimeo alongside Google services such as calendar and gmail due to damaged physical cables.

Cloudflare say they don’t think the outage was due to a DDoS attack after all, but due to errors in their code being updated.

What would you do if the internet went down...

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DigiEnable's Liz Speaks at Chorley Council Annual Business Event

Liz was invited to the Chorley Council's Choose Chorley Annual Business Networking event at the new Strawberry Fields Digital Hub, to speak about Digital, Digital Businesses in Lancashire and Chorley and the Future of Digital. 

Liz joined a panel of fellow local business owners and academics including Jeremy Coates (Magma), Martin Rothwell from UCLAN and Paul Croft from Ultimaker. We also heard from Chorley Council's Leader Alistair Bradley and Swap Shop and Tomorrows World famed, Maggie Philbin OBE.

When asked about the event, Liz shared...


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DigiEnable Women in Tech Win at Inspire Awards

Last month saw the Bolton Whites hotel fill with a huge number of ladies and guests for the 2019 She Inspires Awards 2019. A range of awards up for grabs including Women in Business, Women in Education and Women in Non-Profit, as well as seeing a “He for She” award for guys who are positive allies for Women in the world, and the previously named Women in IT, now Women in Technology award.

Liz received a Highly Commended She Inspires Women in Technology award for her work, not only here at DigiEnable, but for all the international speaking she does, along with spending most of ...

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Beta Launch - Boosting Productivity Platform

A place to learn tips, techniques and technologies around the most useful Productivity Processes and Platforms. Somewhere you can learn at your own pace - binge all the content over a weekend, or take each stage step-by-step.

Off the back of our very popular Productivity talks, training and workshops, we've now launched this for all those people who want something as a follow-up from the sessions, or for those who want to learn about how to increase their productivity and better their Work-Life balance via an online means.

You'll find with each productivity course (modul...

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