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The Social Media Metrics that Matter

If you’re still not taking social media seriously, consider this: There are now more than 1.44 billion monthly active users of Facebook, with 96% of adults in the U.K. having an account on the world’s most popular social media platform. Twitter has 750 million active users as of last year – and counting. Every 1 out of 3 professionals all over the world has a LinkedIn profile, and the biggest population is from the U.K. with over 15 million LinkedIn users.

But social media offers more than just staggering popularity and reach. A HubSpot study reveals that 80% of marketers co...

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How Multimedia can make your Content Marketing Rock

“Buy me.” How many innovative and creative ways can your business communicate this simple yet utterly crucial message — without bombarding your target market with it?

The answer lies in multimedia.

With multimedia, you get to combine a variety of formats to communicate your message. You can use stunning graphics, brilliant videos, eye-catching infographics, beautiful images, engaging audio, and for businesses that have mastered it, the interactive multimedia format.

With a remarkable mix of innovative and creative tools integrated into your content market...

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Connecting your Online and Offline Networking Strategies

Today's businesses have a wider range of networking and marketing tools and opportunities at their disposal. In much earlier times, consumers could only learn about new brands or new products and services from conventional media sources: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV commercials, and printed advertisements like posters and billboards.

On top of these, they could also visit the brand's physical store, or any other brick-and-mortar establishment that carries their products, to actually talk to their sales representatives and find out more about (or finally experience) the offerin...

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Erase Bad Content About You or Your Business With These Tactics

Nothing in this life is perfect, and sometimes, even those who are very careful with their actions bungle things every now and then. But that shouldn’t be something to haunt them for life and limit their potential to grow — everybody should have the opportunity to rise above their “questionable” actions and correct things.

If only things were that simple, right? In this day and age, when people are so active in the World Wide Web, most are inclined to think that implementing damage control is impossible because of the fast spread of information online.

You have s...

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10 Quick Ways To Increase Your Web Traffic

While business owners can get excited over the news that their website has been completed and launched, their enthusiasm over this new digital asset can wane after a few weeks when they discover that it's not getting as much traffic as they anticipated.

One of the most common realisations among entrepreneurs, small business owners and even larger, more established companies is that a website, no matter how well-designed and functional it may be, will not be able to generate traffic if you simply launch it and leave it alone; there has to be a traffic generation strategy in place t...

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Want more Facebook views? Then you need to know this.

Last week Facebook, once again, updated their algorithms which decide who and how many people get to see the posts on your Facebook business page.

There are two main changes, the first is what Facebook refer to as “click-baiting”, the posts that give you a taster or a hint at what they story is about, but tell you that you need to click through if you want to know the full story. Now, it could be argued that the title we have used for this blog post “Want more people to see your Facebook posts? Then you need to know this!” is a form of click-baiting, and you would probably...

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What's the point in a Twitter account?

It’s amazing how many projects we work on at the moment which aren’t particularly social media focussed, but we end up running an impromptu session for the people we are working with. A couple of months ago it happened again. We have been spending some time at a community radio station in the South East, working alongside staff and volunteers to develop the stations offer to everyone involved. I always love visiting various community stations and can virtually guarantee that regardless of whether it’s based on a geographical community, a community of faith or a mutual love of fishing ...

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Top Tips for Cleaning your Computer

On the second Monday of February each year, we mark our respects to the slow-loading, mice-running, circuit boards we call computers, for 'Clean Out Your Computer Day'. A worldwide event, initially sponsored in 2000 by The Institute for Business Technology, advancements have been made massively in the 15 years.


Well as I seem to be the DigiEnable computer-fixer specialist and recently rebuilt our server I thought it would be useful to offer some ...

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Social Media for Councils

A question we often get asked is "will social media work for me/us?" This can come from an individual, SME company, third sector organsation, or even a big international company, and the answer is still the same... Yes! It's just the reasons why and strategies you use that differ.
In this new series of blogs, we'll try and cover some of the top things to think about for different types of clients we have. If you have any further questions, just let us know.
Normally the reasons why councils want to use social media are ...
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Quick Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Everyone who has a Facebook page is looking to generate interest and engagement. You wouldn’t have one in the first place, if you weren't trying to bring in some new business, or create a buzz amongst your current clients. We can sit and wait for this to happen, but unfortunately the “build it and they will come” approach doesn’t work to well. However, there are a number of ways you can speed up the process of building an online following for your business.

Remember that it’s not just about getting likes, and shares. It’s about getting the...
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