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DigiEnable Podcast - April 2020

It's our first podcast of 2020! (Sorry about that!) This one is great though! Full of top marketing tips and working from home strategies! Listen in.

DigiEnable Podcast Show Notes:


1. April – the new January

Great time to reboot your marketing strategy – new tax year, new budgets, new quarts time.


2. Tips for Staying Productive when working from home (DigiEnable Blog)

If you’ve seen an increase in working from home or a remote office, it can be hard to stay focused, here’s some tips to help.


3. Apple Buys an App company, and then cancels the Google versions!

Apple has purchased the weather predicting app Dark Sky and plans to shut down the Android and Wear OS versions.

Dark Sky is known for its hyper-local weather predictions and ability to forecast minute by minute.

Would you do this to your customer base?


Top tips round up

Social Media: Facebook adds new “series” and “playlist” options for video.


SEO: How not to do seo – trying to copy someone’s name

Joe Exotic renamed his traveling tiger show to imitate his biggest competitor — it didn’t end well for him $2m copyright violations. Renaming your brand to appropriate another brand’s search results is a clear attempt to mislead users and manipulate search engines. Similar practices are employed by local listing spammers.


Productivity: DigiEnable’s new Productivity e-learning module all about Pomodoro. 25min chunks of time.


Favourite apps: & HouseParty 


Fave app – Track the space station via free “ISS Live Now” Live HD and Earth View and ISS Tracker


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